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Average price of red bell peppers

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The benefits of red bell peppersProduction of bell peppersPacking bell peppersBuy and sell bell peppersPrices of red bell peppers
Red bell peppers

Different color bell peppers most of the times have different prices on commercial scales, and usually, the average price of red bell peppers is a little bit higher. This is because of the fact that bell peppers turn red at the last stage, so they stay on the plant for longer, and have higher production costs.

Bell peppers are amazing nutritious vegetables, which come in a wide variety of colors and have a sweet taste, so they are a favorite for both cooking and fresh consumption is salads and etc. The also owe part of their popularity to their different colors, that allows people to design their foods with them. Red bell peppers are also the most nutritious among them.

Red bell peppers

The benefits of red bell peppers

These peppers are low in calories and exceptionally rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, making them an excellent addition to a healthy diet. Green, unripe fruits have a slightly bitter flavor and are not as sweet as those that are fully ripe. Red bell peppers are also the healthiest among them, and have higher amounts of nutrition.
A form of vitamin K, also known as phylloquinone found in these peppers, which is important for blood clotting and bone health. These are also a lot of potassium, an essential mineral that may improve heart health if consumed in adequate amounts. Overall, bell peppers are one of the healthiest vegetables available.

Red bell peppers

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Production of bell peppers

Bell peppers come in various colors, such as green (unripe), red, yellow, and orange, also there are some varieties that are purple or even brown. Bell peppers grown worldwide. They have a very adaptable nature and can grown in many climates and even greenhouses which makes it quite easy.
They also heavily consumed worldwide both as fresh, cooked, and even as dried powder in some places. Depending on the country, the product remains on the domestic market or is mostly exported to neighboring countries. This could be due to their short shelf life. May markets also prefer a specific color, like red bell peppers.

Red bell peppers

Packing bell peppers

Bell peppers in all their shape and colors are very fragile vegetables and can get harmed by cuts, bruises, and even heat. Overall, they have a very short shelf life. After 10 days of two weeks, they will lose their skin quality and get wrinkled if not stored properly. They also harvested as both ripened and unripe which these also have different shelf lives.
They usually packed and sorted by their colors, and red bell peppers separated from the yellow or green ones. Companies usually pack them in boxes made of plastic or cardboard before exports or local distributions.

Red bell peppers

Buy and sell bell peppers

The international market for bell peppers, have never looked this good over the past decade. There are a lot of new countries that are producing the vegetable on massive scales and supplying the markets. On the other hand, thanks to the international promotion if the bell peppers, their demands have also risen up.
Green, yellow, and red bell peppers all popular on the international markets and produced almost equally. They also mostly grown in summers, and the international markets packed in this season. Since they grown in greenhouses, they are available all year long.

Red bell peppers

Prices of red bell peppers

As far as the open farm bell peppers go, the sun is the most important factor in determining their final price. Bell peppers need a lot of sunshine to grow, so in the years that there are more sunshine, there will be more products. This increase in production, could easily lower the prices of the peppers. Also, different color bell peppers might have different prices.
Green bell peppers are usually less expensive than the red bell peppers, because they are unripe and have a shorter farming time. Also there differences in the prices of bell peppers produced in greenhouses and produced in open farms. The public generally prefers open farms bell peppers and they have a slightly higher price in the markets.

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