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Banana export from Sri Lanka to Iran

There  more than 150 million tons of bananas produced in the world every ear, and most of these bananas are from the Asian plantations in countries like India and Sri Lanka. There is a great deal of banana export from Sri Lanka to Iran and many other countries every harvesting season.

Banana export from Sri Lanka are a great part of the country’s agriculture industry, as it is one of the largest products of the country. Banana industry is a really big global trade, and they have managed to hold a share of this industry by banana exports. Also the bananas produced there are extremely high quality and are popular on the international markets.

Banana export from Sri Lanka

Why banana is good for you

A part of the popularity and profitability of banana export from Sri Lanka, is due to the amazing health benefits and nutrients in bananas. Bananas are extremely delicious and contain several essential nutrients and provide benefits for digestion, heart health and weight loss. And also are rich in fiber, antioxidants and several nutrients and a medium-sized banana has about 105 calories.

It must be said bananas can help moderate blood sugar levels after meals and may reduce appetite by slowing stomach emptying. They are also fairly rich in fiber and resistant starch. This may help to feed the good gut bacteria and protect you against colon cancer.

Banana export from Sri Lanka

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Banana varieties in Sri Lanka

There are many different cultivars which account for the banana export from Sri Lanka. But as like most other large exporters of the fruit, the most common type is the yellow Cavendish variety. Cavendish bananas account for more than 50% of the global production and exports.

They have a perfect size, and come with a fairly sweet flesh and amazing taste. Sri Lanka has got the perfect climate for banana production and has some of the greatest plantations in the world within itself. It has also access to open waters and many Asian and non-Asian markets and can ship to them easily.

Banana export from Sri Lanka

Prices per ton of bananas of Sri Lanka

Banana export from Sri Lanka exit the country in many different conditions with various prices. There are many different banana cultivars and each of them has got its own prices. The prices also depend on the season of the harvest, as there are more bananas in certain times of the year.

But overall, the most important factor in setting the export prices of these bananas is the amount of annual production. The higher the production is, the lower will the wholesale and retail sale will be. Banana markets are also extremely competitive and you must offer good prices to dominate more parts of the market.

Banana export from Sri Lanka

Banana export from Sri Lanka

There are many different countries in the world which are the destination for banana export from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has banana exports to all five continents, but the largest customers are the Middle Eastern countries. Qatar the largest importer of these bananas and accounts for more than 40% of the total exported bananas.

Iran and Kuwait stand on the next places with more than 20 and 10% each. There are also large quantities of exports to European countries like Switzerland, England, and Germany. The United States also imports bananas from Sri Lanka and account for nearly 9%.

Banana export from Sri Lanka

Buy Banana Sri Lanka in Iran

Iran is one of the largest importers of bananas in the world and purchases around 800000 tons of fresh bananas every year. Banana export from Sri Lanka also supply a considerable part of the Iranian markets. These bananas are very popular among the Iranian people and are in high demands. Also the bananas could be transported to Iran by ship, which is a really economic method.

The prices of Sri Lankan bananas in Iran are affordable for the people, and profitable for the importers. There are many Iranian fruit companies which imports Sri Lankan bananas to the country every year. Overall, banana imports from Sri Lankan producers account for 20.6% of their total exports every year.

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