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Banana importing companies in Iran

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The most important banana-producing countriesIran's fruit market needs to import bananasBanana imports to IranBanana importing companiesPrices of imported bananas in Iran
Banana importing companies

Bananas  the most heavily traded fruit in the world, with the annual production of 150 million tons in over 100 countries all over the world. They are also a large part of the Iranian annual imports and there are lots of active banana importing companies in Iran, which supply the local markets.

Most of the fruit companies in Iran are at some parts banana importing companies as well, because they imported to Iran on very large scales. Iran and generally the Middle East are one of the largest banana markets in the world and they targeted by most companies. The vast majority of bananas in the Middle East  supplied from Asian bananas.

Banana importing companies

The most important banana-producing countries

Most of the bananas in the world produced in Asia, with India leading the way by producing nearly 30 million tons of the total 150 million tons of bananas. The other big Asian banana producers include China, Philippines, Pakistan, and Thailand. All of these countries harvest bananas for commercial purposes and import a large portion of their products every year.

There are also some large banana producers like Ecuador in the South and Central America. Ecuador is the 8th largest producer of bananas in the world, but is the biggest importer of the fruit. There are lots of banana importing companies, trading Ecuadorian bananas worldwide.

Banana importing companies

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Iran’s fruit market needs to import bananas

Iran has one of the largest banana markets in the world with the annual imports of nearly 800000 tons. Bananas are among the most popular products with Iranian people, and have become an inseparable part of their lifestyles. They can easily found in every city all over Iran.

There are lots of active banana importing companies in the country which supply the local markets. Most of these bananas supplied from the near Asian producers like Pakistan, India, and Philippines. The needs for banana imports in the country is constantly expanding and the market has a bright future.

Banana importing companies

Banana imports to Iran

There are large shipments of banana imports to Iran, all year long. They are one of the main and most essential parts in every big and small fruit market all over the country. As it was mentioned before, most of the banana importing companies supply their fruit from Asian producers.

This because of the shorted distance which will lower the transportation costs. These bananas are also extremely high quality and delicious, and will arrive to the local markets as fresh as possible. There are also minor imports of bananas from South American countries like Ecuador every year.

Banana importing companies

Banana importing companies

Bananas the 4th most commonly traded food crop in the world after wheat, rice, and corn. That emphasizes the importance of these amazing fruits on the international economy and food industry. There are lots of big banana production companies all over the world.

Most of them usually have private plantations in banana producing countries and produce high quality bananas on commercial scales. There are also countless banana importing companies all over the world which distribute these products worldwide. Most of these companies are active in countries like Ecuador.

Banana importing companies

Prices of imported bananas in Iran

Banana importing companies in Iran, supply the local markets from many different countries all over the world. There are also many different cultivars of bananas which enter the country every year. As a result, the prices of imported bananas in Iran, could different based on many conditions. The most common banana cultivar imported to Iran is the Cavendish, which usually has an international reference price.

Also the prices depend on the country of origin. The bananas imported from the Asian countries are less expensive due to the lower transportation costs, and faster local distributions. Same rules apply when importing from South American producers, as they are usually more expensive on the Iranian markets.