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Banana imports from India to Iran

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Banana is a popular fruit in the worldBuyers bananas in IranHindi banana exports to the countries of the buyerPrices per ton of Indian BananaBanana imports to Iran
Banana imports

Bananas are the most common fruits in the world and India is their biggest producer, with the production of around 30 million tons of the total 150 million tons of bananas harvested globally every year. There are a lot of banana imports from India to Iran every year, making it one of the largest importers of the world.

Most of the major fruit companies of the world have banana imports and exports as a part of their services every year. Bananas are the most heavily traded fruits in the world and there are more than 100 countries which produce them on commercial scales. These fruits are extremely healthy and can be a great snack for almost everybody from all ages.

Banana imports

Banana is a popular fruit in the world

International banana imports are a billion-dollar industry and the economy of many countries completely depends on bananas. These fruits known and loved all over the world and almost all of the non-tropical countries import bananas on large scales. Most of the bananas also produced in Asia and South America, and those countries completely dominate the international banana markets.

There also a lot of different banana flavored products in every store. Bananas are officially the 4th most common food crop after wheat, rice, and corn, which shows their popularity. Currently, they are a part of the lifestyle of billions of people worldwide.

Banana imports

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Buyers bananas in Iran

The fruit companies of Iran import large quantities of bananas from different producers all year long. On average there are nearly 200000 tons of banana imports to the country every season. Iranian banana imports are so large that it actually accounts for 1% of Iran’s total imports. These imports are done by many Iranian and foreign international companies.

These Iranian banana buyers, purchase the finest bananas from the producing countries and import and distribute them within the local markets. The amounts of imports are also constantly on the rise and there is a bright future for this market.

Banana imports

Hindi banana exports to the countries of the buyer

A large part of the banana imports of the world come from the high quality Indian bananas. Middle Eastern countries like Iran are among the largest importers of Indian bananas. Iran is currently the 2nd largest importer of Indian bananas with around 18% of the total amount.

The largest importer is the United Arab Emirates which is also from the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain are also among the countries which import large quantities of these high quality products every year. India also has minor banana exports to North America, Africa, and European union.

Banana imports

Prices per ton of Indian Banana

Different types of banana have various prices on the international markets. Indian bananas are famous on the international markets as a result of the country producing more than 20% of the global bananas. So, their bananas well known everywhere and are always in high demands.

The annual production also affects the prices of the bananas. Usually, the higher the production, the lower the retail and wholesale market prices will be. The transportation costs are also a big part of a fruit’s market price and banana imports from neighboring countries will always be much cheaper.

Banana imports

Banana imports to Iran

Iran is one of the top countries of the world in terms of banana imports. And purchases nearly 800000 tons of bananas every year. Most of these bananas imported from large Asian producers like India, Philippines and Pakistan. There are also some minor imports from South American countries like Ecuador. This high amount of imports, have made Iran one of the largest targets for big banana producers of the world.

Most of the major companies try to sell parts of their products to Iran. That’s why you can find bananas marked by some of the most famous banana companies like Dole and Chiquita in Iran. Also, among all the banana types shipped to Iran, Cavendish bananas are the most common.

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