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Buy high quality bell pepper

Bell peppers are very common among the different dishes and cuisines from all over the world, and all the fruit and vegetable markets always try to buy high quality bell pepper from known producers every year. Iran is one of the largest and producers of sweet bell peppers in the region and the world.

Bell peppers in the world

Bell peppers have been cultivated by people for hundreds of years and have proven to be an inseparable part of the international dishes and cuisines from many different countries in the world. They are also a large part of the international fruit and vegetable trades and fruit companies from all over the world are always trying to buy high quality bell pepper from commercial producers like Iran.

Sweet colorful bell peppers are available on the international markets all year long, and are always in very high demands. Bell peppers are used raw in many different dishes and salads. They can also be cooked to add a lot of sweet flavor and color to the dishes.

They are commonly used in all continents.

Bell peppers in the world

Iranian sweet bell peppers

Sweet colorful bell peppers are an important part of Iranian agricultural products and are produced on large commercial scales in many different cities and regions of the country. The fact that bell peppers can be grown in both greenhouses and open farms has helped in their popularity among farmers.

Greenhouse farming has also made it possible to grow these pepper in regions with dryer climates which have limited sources of fresh water, as it is less water consuming and environmental friendly. Importers that are looking to buy bell peppers know that the greenhouse products are every bit as healthy and delicious as the open farms products, and the common belief that says they are less natural is not true.

Iran produces enough bell peppers all year long to supply both local and international markets.

Iranian sweet bell peppers

Preparing for exports

Usually, the sweet bell peppers are packaged according to their sizes and colors, and different color bell peppers are often packaged in separate boxes. The packaging process is an important part of the export, and people who want to buy high quality bell pepper from Iran and any other country, always look for the ones with standard and durable packaging.

By having a standard packaging process, you can guarantee that the products will arrive at their destination as fresh and unharmed as possible. Packages protect the sweet bell peppers against physical harms in the way and considering the fragile nature of these vegetables, it looks like a necessity. They will also keep the sweet bell peppers away from contact with open air.

Which will eventually reduce the chemical reactions and helps them stay fresh for longer.

Preparing for exports

Bell pepper exports from Iran

As the largest producer of these sweet bell peppers in the region, Iran is also a large supplier of the region’s markets and exports thousands of tons of fresh bell peppers every year. Also because bell peppers are grown in greenhouses, Their production is not limited to a single harvesting season and they are available all year long. The largest importers of these products are neighboring and close-by countries like Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and Iraq, Which buy high quality bell pepper through mutual land and sea borders every year.

Iranian sweet bell peppers have also found their way to some markets among European and East Asian countries. The high quality of these sweet bell peppers and the organic and traditional harvesting methods have attributed to their popularity in these markets as well. Most of the Iranian sweet bell peppers are exported for fresh consumption, with some minor exports to make side products like extracts. Iranian bell peppers are also perfect for cooking and can add a lot to the dish. Also their various vibrant colors can hale in food design.

Overall, The demands for the sweet bell peppers produced in Iran are constantly on the rise.
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