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The value of mango fruit in IranIranian Mango BuyersMango imports to IranMango exports from IndiaImport mangoes from PakistanWholesale price of mango
Mango fruit in Iran

Mango is a tropical fruit and different countries of the world with different climates produce an average of 45 million tons of mangoes every year. Mangoes are also becoming more and more popular in Iran every day and there are a lot of buyers of mango fruit in Iran, which import the fruit from producing countries.

Some people are calling mangoes the most widely consumed fruit on the planet. There are a lot of different kinds of mangoes that range in

  • color
  • shape
  • flavor
  • seed size

and have different customers from all over the world. Exporting and importing mangoes is also a very big industry with a lot of growing markets in all the countries.

Mango fruit in Iran

The value of mango fruit in Iran

These days more and more people learn about the benefits of mango health. Also, the demand for Iranian customers is increasing day by day. Mangoes are already a multi-million-dollar industry in Iran. But there is still a lot of room to grow and reach the full potential.

The consumption of mango fruit in Iran has constantly increased in the past ten years. Currently, Iran imports more than 20000tons of different types of mangoes from various tropical countries like Pakistan, India, Thailand, and Philippines.

The most popular mango in Iran is Alphonso type.  This type of mangoes has a very high quality and taste, and many people consider it the best mango.

Mango fruit in Iran

Iranian Mango Buyers

Iranian families have increased their mango production, because of the increasing knowledge of the health benefits of this fruit, in the recent years. A lot of big Iranian companies and Individuals are trying to import mangoes to Iran.

The most popular target countries for shopping are India, Pakistan, Thailand, and the Philippines. There are many websites and applications that promote the use of mangoes in Iran. As a result, public awareness of the benefits of mango increases.

Mango fruit in Iran

Mango imports to Iran

There are around 43000 tons of mangoes produced in the southern east states of Iran. Most of these mangoes are harvested green and used for pickling.  The mangoes used for fresh consumption are mostly imported from big producing countries.

The interest and market demand for mango fruit in Iran is increasing constantly over time. There are also some new health related laws that allow the import of fresh healthy mangoes from countries like Pakistan.

Mango fruit in Iran

Mango exports from India

Even though India is the biggest producer of mangoes in the world. So its share of the international export market is only about 1%. It is because of the importance of mangoes in the Indian cuisine that most of the mangoes produced in India, consumed within the country.

This fact aside. There are still some exports to Middle Eastern and East Asian countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Korea and UAE. There are also small amounts of export to European and American countries.

Mango fruit in Iran

Import mangoes from Pakistan

Pakistan sells most of its mangoes to Middle eastern countries. Its biggest customers are United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Pakistan is the number one supplier of mango fruit in Iran with the average annual amount of 20000 tons.

There are also a lot of different species of mangoes exported from Pakistan. But the most popular ones in Iran are the Sindh and Chaunsa varieties. Pakistanis send most of their mangoes to Iran via the ports in the south of the country.

Mango fruit in Iran

Wholesale price of mango

Mangoes are very popular in some parts of the world like India, and are becoming more popular in non-producing countries. India for example is the largest producer and also the largest consumer of mangoes in the world. Also uses most of the mangoes produced.

The price of the mangoes is generally lower in tropical mango producing countries. There are also different types of mangoes with different prices. For example, Alphonso mangoes have a better quality and higher prices. The shipping and exporting expenses also have big effects on the mango prices worldwide.

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