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Iranian Red Delicious apple tree export

Iranian red delicious apple tree export

Iranian red delicious apple trees export is popular among the world. The internet market offers the most appropriate prices of the day for buying and selling apple trees in Iran. The best apple tree in Iran can consumed on a daily basis in Iran because the apples produced in Iran …

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Buy Iranian apple fruit

Buy iranian apple fruit

In Iran, there are many mountainous regions, mostly cold and climatically suitable for apple production. The question that arises in many people’s mind is, which region is the best Iranian apple to buy Iranian apple fruit? Below we present the best apple of Iran. Best for buy apple fruit in …

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Red apple tree exports to Iraq

Red apple tree exports to Iraq

Exports of apples to fruit markets and fruit fields are neighboring Iran’s and countries closest to Iran. For example, red apple tree exports to Iraq, a neighbor of Iran. Orumiyeh apples, Maragheh, Mianeh, Semirom and Damavand apple trees are all exported from Iran. One of the challenges of exporting apple trees …

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Iranian red delicious apple price

Iranian red delicious apple

Iranian red delicious apple a genetic regenerated apple that there are50 kinds of this apple. Birth place of this apple is Madison county of Ayova state in America. First time it was harvested in 1880. It is common that Iranian red delicious apple price is more than other apples because …

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Price per ton of Iranian apples for export

Iranian apples for export

Iran exports apples to many countries of the world, mainly in the Middle East region, and apples are among the most popular and largest agricultural products of this country. There are also many different varieties of apples in Iran and the price per ton of Iranian apples for export is …

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Price of Iranian yellow apple for export

Iranian yellow apple

One of the fruits of all seasons is apple that it is found in a few colors yellow green and red in the market. The yellow type presented in this report. Iranian yellow apple a fruit also exported to other countries. Price of Iranian apple for export very very small …

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Exports of tree apples from Iran

tree apples

Iran is a main supplier of fresh apples in the Middle East, with the annual production of 3.7 million tons, which places the country among the top global producers of the fruit. Many of the Iranian and international companies are active in exports of tree apples from Iran to many …

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Wholesale of Oshnavieh apples in the international market

Oshnavieh apples

Oshnavieh is a large city in the West Azerbaijan province in the north west of Iran which is famous for its apple production and has hectares of apple farms in itself. There are also a lot of companies that are active in the wholesale of Oshnavieh apples in the international …

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Sell red apples to Russian buyers

Sell red apples

Iran produces more than 1.5 million tons of red apples every year, and most of them are from globally popular cultivars like the Red Delicious and Fuji. Iranian apples are extremely popular in the neighboring markets including Russia, and a lot of fruit companies sell red apples to Russian buyers. …

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