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Cucumber export from Iran

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Cucumber export from IranBiggest producers of cucumberIdeal condition to produce export cucumberAdvantage of Iranian cucumberBarbed cucumber export from IranIran has different types of cucumbersIran has different types of cucumbersCucumber production in IranCucumber production in IranExport packing of cucumberExport packing of cucumberCucumber export from IranCucumber export from IranExports of cucumbers to RussiaExports of cucumbers to RussiaCucumber exports to IraqCucumber exports to IraqWholesale prices of cucumbers
Cucumber export from Iran

Iran has the suitable climate and soil for farm cucumber cultivation in warm seasons of the year. Also in the cold seasons of the year the technology of create of greenhouse helps to more cucumber production. Iran has the third score in cucumber produce and Cucumber export from Iran.

Cucumbers that are suitable for export are: green barbed cucumber, greenhouse green cucumber, green tree cucumber, green general cucumber. All of these kinds of cucumber are ready to provide for export in special export packages. Cucumber export from Iran is in 5, 7 and 9 kilogram packages. Iran is one of important poles of cucumber export.

Cucumber export from Iran

Iranian exporters and merchants used propaganda and marketing of Iranian cucumber were succeed to introduce Iranian crops to many of countries. Today the countries that buy various kinds of cucumber are: Iraq, Emirate, Qatar, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Kuwait and swed. To export cucumber you must observe some regulations that are these cases: to export cucumber from Iran you must separate the cucumbers based on uniform size, the boxes must be carton that are covered by plastic to preserve cucumber fresh, too keep the cucumber newer you must cut that by clipper or secateurs (garden scissor)

Cucumber export from Iran

Biggest producers of cucumber

Today the biggest producers of cucumber of world are China that has more than 60% of universal product, and then Turkey, Russia, Iran and America. The market of exposition of Iranian export cucumber was able to present high qualified cucumber. Growing procedure of producing various kind of cucumber in Iran and their quality lead to a nice export in this ground to the other parts of world. Cucumber export from Iran puts Iran among the 10 first producers of world.
[box type=”success” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Usually in every month of the year cucumber buyers order this crop.[/box]

Biggest producers of cucumber

Ideal condition to produce export cucumber

Export cucumber needs ideal cultivate environment to has a proper production. While harvesting you can observe this fact. Because when the environment, temperature and soil are based on the highest standards, not only the appearance of fruit but also taste of that is affected. And as you know this is one of factors of export cucumber. And so the price of the export cucumber is impressible. In Iran the best seeds of this fruit are cultivated in fertile soils and it is harvested buy modern technologies.
[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Cucumber export from Iran is successful and high qualified.[/box]

Ideal condition to produce export cucumber

Advantage of Iranian cucumber

Advantage of Iranian cucumber comparing other countries is that Iranian gardeners don’t believe on chemical fertilizers and poisons and pesticides. Indeed it is possible to say that Iranian export cucumber is an organic crop and just because of this reason its export has prospered. Cucumber export from Iran to other countries is 27000 tones in a year. Other advantages of Iranian cucumber are:

  • good taste
  • high quality
  • standard size
  • cultivation of export cucumber in desirable conditions
  • longevity.

These are functions that lead to increase of export of cucumber.

Advantage of Iranian cucumber

Barbed cucumber export from Iran

Barbed cucumber export of Iran is an order from Russia, Iraq and Turkey. Following these orders production of this fruit got voluminous and the exporter sorted first grade crop and provided professional packing to prevent the possible damages of the crop. Undoubtedly sale of barbed cucumber in other countries gives a beneficial occasion to Iranian export companies. Therefore Iranian companies provide proper prices and high qualified package to convince the customers. But the price for barbed cucumber per kilo gram can be 0.5 dollar.

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]To know the price of barbed cucumber you must connect with the producer because the announces price may change and you face to problem in your calculations.[/box]

Barbed cucumber export from Iran

Iran has different types of cucumbers

Cucumbers are one of the most common vegetables that are enjoyed all over the world in Salads, food, or fresh, and it is also one of the biggest farming products of Iran. There are a lot of cucumber exports from Iran originating from different states, and the products will go to various countries.

There are a lot of different local species of cucumbers available worldwide under different climates. But they are all part of the three original varieties of Slicing, Pickling, and Burp less.

Iran has different types of cucumbers which fall under all three categories. Iranian cucumbers are usually less bitter and have a much thinner skin and seedless flesh.


Iran has different types of cucumbersCucumber production in Iran

The country of Iran is one of the biggest producers of cucumbers in the world, and ranks 3rd, with the production of 2 million tons of cucumbers every year. There are also a lot of different types of cucumbers cultivated in Iran from all original three varieties.

Around 3500 hectares of open farms and greenhouses are producing fresh cucumbers, in all the different states of Iran. The country is also a big name in cucumber export markets all over the world with more than 200000 tons of fresh cucumbers exported every year.

The states of Isfahan, Yazd, Tehran, Sistan and Baluchistan, and Semnan are the biggest producers of thus vegetable in Iran.


Cucumber production in IranExport packing of cucumber

Cucumbers have a fragile nature. Which and must be packed with a lot of care for export purposes to avoid any cuts or bruises along the way. The boxes used for cucumbers must be strong enough to protect the vegetables from physical harms and bumps.

They also must able to keep the fruit away from fresh air, in order to keep them fresh for longer. These export boxes come in different sizes and shapes, and companies usually build them from cardboard or plastic materials.


Export packing of cucumberCucumber export from Iran

Iranian cucumber export exceeds the amount of 200000 tons every year. The biggest customers of the Iranian cucumbers are Middle Eastern and neighboring countries.  Countries like Russia, Iraq and Azerbaijan are the top three importers of this product.

Iranian cucumbers are also known for their high quality and can be used in both fresh and pickled form. A lot of varieties of the Iranian cucumbers are imported by different countries to make Pickled cucumbers.


Cucumber export from IranExports of cucumbers to Russia

Because of the closeness and the numerous ports between the two countries. The trade of agricultural goods have always been very popular between Iran and Russia. The amount of exported cucumbers to Russia, has also been doubled in the recent years.

Iran is the biggest cucumber supplier for Russia and holds 27% of the total cucumber imports in that country. Russia’s cucumber import market, is a multi-million dollar industry that is constantly growing every year.


Exports of cucumbers to RussiaCucumber exports to Iraq

The biggest customer of Iranian fruit and vegetables is the country of Iraq. The short distance and the land border have also made the trade more convenient. The amount of cucumber exports to Iraq was around 105000 tons of both fresh and pickled cucumber.

This amount, accounts for more than half of the Iranian exports of cucumbers and the rest sent to 23different countries. Iranian cucumbers are extremely popular in Iraqi markets due to their high quality and good taste.


Cucumber exports to IraqWholesale prices of cucumbers

Different countries of the world, produce an average amount of 80 million tons of cucumbers every year. China is the biggest producer and exporter of the vegetable with more than 55 million tons and controls some big parts of the international market.

There are also a lot of other companies which produce cucumbers on a commercial scale and are entering the market. The international cucumber market is more competitive than the past these days. and there are a lot of countries which try to present the best products with the lowest prices.

Persian cucumbers are also very popular in the region, and are in high demand.

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