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Cucumber export to Middle East

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Iran has good quality production for cucumber in the international marketCucumber Consumers in the Middle EastPersian cucumber and barbed cucumber production in IranStatistics cucumber export from IranIran's Cucumber Prices in the Middle East
Cucumber export

Cucumbers are very popular worldwide, ad are also one of the main vegetables in the Middle Eastern dishes. Middle East one of the most heavily populated places on earth and the people love cucumbers, so every year there are large quantities of cucumber export to Middle East from many producers.

Cucumber export in the Middle East are a multi-million dollar big industry and many companies are active in these trades. They are among the healthiest of snacks, because they have a lot of different nutrients and are very low in calories. They are a perfect choice for people on diets and thanks to the high amounts of water can help hydrate your body.

Cucumber export

Iran has good quality production for cucumber in the international market

Iranian cucumbers are very popular on the international markets and they owe this popularity to the high quality of the products and their organic farming. Iran is one of the biggest producers of cucumbers in the world and also exports a large part of its products to other countries.
Iranian cucumber export mostly supplies the Middle Eastern markets, but there are also trades with Russia and other countries. The cucumbers grown in both open farms and greenhouses. They also some in a variety of cultivars that produced for both fresh consumption and pickling. The Iranian cucumbers considered one of the best for making pickles. Cucumber export

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Cucumber Consumers in the Middle East

Cucumbers are a main part of the Middle Eastern diets, hence the high amounts of cucumber export in the region. Cucumber farms require a lot of water and that’s why they are not very popular in these regions. As a result most of the countries import cucumbers annually. Iran is the biggest supplier in the region due to its high amount of production.
Many Middle Eastern countries supply their markets from the Iranian products and other big producers of the world. Iranian products have always been very popular in these markets, and a favorite of most international fruit companies.

Cucumber export

Persian cucumber and barbed cucumber production in Iran

Cucumbers are an important part of the Iranian agriculture and the most common greenhouse products of the country. Iran produces more than 1.7 million metric tons of cucumbers every year. The production of the Iranian cucumbers has also increased steadily over the past few years for around 8%.
There also different cucumber cultivars like the Persian and Barbed cucumbers which are very popular worldwide. Most of the Iranian cucumber export are from these two cultivars. They exported to different countries for both fresh consumption and pickle making purposes.

Cucumber export

Statistics cucumber export from Iran

Iran produces 2.1% of the global cucumbers, but holds 2.5% of the total global cucumber export markets. The Iranian cucumbers exported to both European and Asian countries, but mostly Asia. Russia is the biggest importer of Iranian cucumbers by purchasing more than 85% of the Iranian exports.
This popularity is because of the high quality of the Iranian cucumbers. Also the short distance between the two countries and the various transportation methods available will make the trades more profitable. United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan are also big importers of the product.

Cucumber export

Iran’s Cucumber Prices in the Middle East

The prices of the Iranian cucumber export depends on the country of destination and the types of the products, exported. A large part of every fruit trade’s price are the transportation costs. But in the case of Iranian cucumbers and their Middle Eastern customers, these costs are much lower.
This is because of the shorter distances and more available transportation methods. It will also help the products to reach the destination markets as fast as possible. There also different types of Iranian cucumbers like the barbed cultivar, and each of them has its own characteristics and market values. The prices of the cucumbers which grown in open farms are also different from the greenhouse products.

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