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Ecuador banana buyers in Iran

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Why are bananas from Ecuador so cheapEcuador banana productionBanana buyers in IranBanana exports from EcuadorEcuador banana prices in the market
Ecuador banana

Ecuador is famous around the world for its banana production and is currently the number one supplier of bananas in the world with exports to all five continents. Iran on the other hand is one of the largest importers of bananas in the world and there are a lot of Ecuador banana buyers in Iran.

Bananas are the first things to come to the mind when hearing the name Ecuador, and they are the biggest agricultural product of this country. They are also very healthy and popular and one of the greatest natural sources of potassium among fruits. Ecuador banana sre a great energy booster, which makes them very ideal for athletes and elderly citizens.

Ecuador banana

Why are bananas from Ecuador so cheap

Bananas are a big part of Ecuadorian lifestyles and you can find large fields of banana plantations in almost every city of this country. This high amount of production makes bananas available everywhere, and their prices will usually drop within the country. Also the banana production of Ecuador has been constantly on the rise over the past few decades, and also expected to rise in the future.

Most large banana companies like Dole and Chiquita send Ecuador banana all over the world. These bananas are the most popular on the global fruit markets all over the world, and are always in high demands. Most of them are also from the Cavendish cultivar.

Ecuador banana

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Ecuador banana production

Ecuador only accounts for around 6% of the global banana production, which makes it the 8th largest producer of bananas in the world. On the other hand, it supplies more than 27% of the global banana markets. This makes the country, the number one banana exporter in the world. Ecuador banana are a very important part of the lives of these peoples.

Most of the large global fruit companies have banana plantations in Ecuador, and the fruits accounts for a lot of jobs in there. Also bananas are a big part of many different local dishes and cuisines which enjoyed by the people.

Ecuador banana

Banana buyers in Iran

Iran is one of the largest importers of bananas in the world with the annual amount of around 800000 tons. These bananas supplied from many different producers from all over the world. Most of the Iranian markets filled with Asian bananas but there are also some minor imports from South American countries.

Ecuador banana are the most common among them. Bananas are a very popular fruit on the Iranian markets and have become an inseparable part of the Iranian people’s lifestyles. Many companies target Iranian banana markets, as one of the biggest in the world.

Ecuador banana

Banana exports from Ecuador

As it was mentioned before, Ecuador the largest exporter of bananas in the world with millions of tons every year. Russia is the biggest customer of these bananas and accounts for nearly 30% of the imports. The United States follows in the second place with 13.8% every year. There are major banana exports to all of the world’s continents.

But overall, the European countries combined, account for most of the Ecuador banana imports with purchasing more than 50% of these high quality bananas. The most popular cultivar among these banana exports is also the yellow Cavendish banana.

Ecuador banana

Ecuador banana prices in the market

The prices of Ecuador banana on the international markets could change based on many different factors. As like many other fruit, the most important factor is the annual production of the country. The higher the production, the lower the prices expected to drop. There are also many different banana cultivars, and each of them has got its own characteristics and prices.

The banana trade of Ecuador is a billion dollar industry, and is very important to the country’s economy and people. Any unexpected illnesses or frosts could damage the plantations and decrease the banana production of the country. The wholesale prices of these bananas have also been on a steady slight rise over the last few years.

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