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Export apple fruit from Iran

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Iran produces apple fruitsPersian red applesThe best yellow apple in IranExport apple fruit to neighboring countriesThe price of Iranian apple in the international market
Export apple fruit

Many Middle Eastern and West Asian countries supply their apple markets from the Iranian high quality products and every year, export apple fruit from Iran on very large scales. Iranian apples come in all different varieties and considered as some of the best apples in the world.

Besides being one of the most popular fruits of the world, apple is extremely healthy and many countries use this popularity to Export apple fruit to the markets. Iranian apples are among the best of these products on the international markets. They usually distributed locally and among the other Middle Easter countries with some exports to other regions.

Export apple fruit

Iran produces apple fruits

Apple fruits are one of the biggest Iranian agricultural products and produced on the very large scale of 3.7 million tons every year. There also many different apple cultivars grown in Iran but the two most common are Red and Golden Delicious. Together they account for more than half of the Iranian apple products with 2.2 million tons of production.
The apples mostly grown organic in the apple farms all over the country. Organic fruits have been proven to be more beneficial than the industrially grown products. All these high quality and organic farming methods persuaded a lot of companies to Export apple fruit from Iran.

Export apple fruit

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Persian red apples

Red the most internationally recognized color of the apples and most of the apple fruits produced in the world colored red. Red apples are also a large part of the Iranian products. Many internationally popular apple cultivars like the Red Delicious and Fuji, produced in Iran.
Red Delicious is the biggest Iranian apple product with 1.2 million tons of production every year. Many cities of Iran Export apple fruit to many of the international and neighboring markets. Red apples of Iran are more popular on the international markets than the green and yellow apple cultivars.

Export apple fruit

The best yellow apple in Iran

There a lot of yellow apple cultivars grown in Iran. But the most common type is the international Golden Delicious brand that produced on large scales in the north west of the country. The production of this cultivar accounts for a million ton of the total 3.7 million tons of apples produced in Iran.
Yellow apples are perfect for both fresh consumption and also using in pies and sweets. Many companies Export apple fruit of Iran to many countries of the world for both of these purposes. These yellow apples are also very popular in Iran as well, and most of them consumed within Iran.

Export apple fruit

Export apple fruit to neighboring countries

Iranian apples, are a favorite of the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. First of all, they are high quality and perfect for fresh consumption as table apples. They also grown organically and are much healthier than most of the apples that produced in Industrial chemical farms.
Neighboring countries also export apples from Iran because of the short distance. Iran is the biggest apple supplier in these regions and it will help them to supply their markets with the freshest apples possible. Also the cheaper and shorter transportation’s will make the trades much more profitable.

Export apple fruit

The price of Iranian apple in the international market

As apples one of the most widely cultivated fruits in the world, their international market is extremely competitive. They grown in Asia, North America and most European countries. They also harvested in the southern hemisphere, but the harvesting season of those products are different from Iran. Iran on the other hand is the biggest producer of apples in the Middle East.
It has the perfect climate in the north west of the country to produce export quality top apples every year. This allows Iran to dominate the Middle Eastern markets and a lot of these countries export apple fruit from Iran. Iranian apple prices are moderate in these regions because of the short transportation costs.

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