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Export Barbed cucumber from Iran

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The good taste of the barbed cucumberUse barbed cucumber in picklesCucumber production in IranCucumber export from IranPrices of cucumbers
Barbed cucumber

Barbed Persian cucumbers are a type of cucumbers with small dots all over their skin, and this physical characteristic has made them very popular for fresh consumption or making pickles. They produced in Iran on large scales and a lot of international fruit companies export barbed cucumber from Iran.

These vegetables are for the most part made of water and imperative supplements that are fundamental for the human body. The tissue of cucumbers is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and folic corrosive while the hard skin of cucumbers is rich in fiber and a scope of minerals. They also one of the most popular and commonly cultivated vegetables in the world.

Barbed cucumber

The good taste of the barbed cucumber

Persian Barbed cucumber are every bit as healthy and as delicious of regular Persian cucumbers and produced on large scales in Iran. They are also very flexible vegetables, ad besides being eaten raw, can be used for skin care as masks, or even cooked. Low in calories, they are a popular food for people on healthy diets, while they also offer a range of other health benefits.
Cucumbers have been shown to be able to aid the liver in cleaning up the blood, helping with detoxification of the system. They also a great source of water and if consumed regularly, can prevent dehydration. Some studies have connected them to cancer prevention as well.

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Use barbed cucumber in pickles

Persian Barbed cucumber and regular Persian cucumbers have been found to be amazing for making pickles. There are a few characteristics that have made them perfect for this purpose. These vegetables have a very sweet and crunchy flesh which is a good quality for pickles. The flesh also contains very few or no seeds at all.
The other important benefit is their thin skin that allows the pickling liquids to transport into the cucumbers more easily and make the cucumbers faster and with more quality. Barbed Persian cucumbers are also chosen for pickling because of their different appearance.

Barbed cucumber

Cucumber production in Iran

As like many of the other fruits, Iran is the largest producer of cucumbers in the region and Middle East. The state of Yazd is also the biggest producer of cucumbers in Iran with the annual production of 420000 tons, which accounts for around 23% of the total production. Barbed cucumber is also among the Iranian products.
These cucumbers are more common in the northern states of Iran. Iranian barbed and regular cucumbers also produced both in open farms and greenhouses all over the country. Greenhouse production is easier because it uses less water and has a higher production rate.

Barbed cucumber

Cucumber export from Iran

Being among the largest producers, makes Iran one of the biggest exporters of the fruit as well. According to stats presented by FAO, Iran holds around 2.5% of the global exports market. Most of the Iranian cucumbers exported to Russia, and some other major Middle Eastern countries.
Russia imports 94% of the Iranian cucumbers which is a really high amount. There are also some exports to the European Union countries like United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and Switzerland every year. Barbed cucumber also among the popular Iranian products which also exported for pickling.

Barbed cucumber

Prices of cucumbers

Barbed cucumber are not as common as regular cucumbers on the international markets. Even though, there are still some factors in play, which control the prices of all fruits and vegetables globally. Since they also grown in greenhouses, they very commonly grown everywhere. On the other hand, they are also very popular and the demands for them are always high.

Barbed cucumber
So, the countries which are producing them on small scales still need to import them from major producers of the region or the world. The prices mostly depends on the amount of production of the major producing countries like Iran. Any increase or decrease in the total productions can affect the prices dramatically.

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