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Export barbed cucumber with excellent quality

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Features of barbed CucumberConsumption of cucumber in feedingCucumber production in Iranian citiesExport barbed cucumber from IranThe price of the best quality barbed cucumber
Export barbed cucumber

Iran is famous all over the world for its high quality cucumbers, and a lot of Iranian fruit companies export barbed cucumber with excellent quality to the foreign markets. Most of the Iranian cucumbers exported to the Middle Eastern and West Asian countries and supplies their markets.

Iran produces all kinds of cucumbers in open farms and greenhouses of the country. The cucumbers are a main product in the Iranian agriculture and every year they Export barbed cucumber and other types of cucumbers to the foreign customers. Iranian cucumbers are also very high quality and full of different vitamins which are good for the body.

Export barbed cucumber

Features of barbed Cucumber

Many different types of cucumbers produced in Iran and some used for fresh consumption and some used for making high quality pickles. Barbed cucumbers are one of the most popular of the Iranian products which are perfect for both fresh consumption and pickle making.
Most of them consumed and enjoyed within the country, but Iran also exports barbed cucumbers on very large scales every year. Barbed cucumbers have a very thin skin which makes them more popular. This thin skin makes them more crunchy and enjoyable in fresh consumption. Also the thin skin will allow for the pickling liquid to get inside the cucumber.

Export barbed cucumber

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Consumption of cucumber in feeding

Iranian cucumbers are one of the best products on the international markets for fresh consumption. Persian cucumbers and barbed cucumbers are the two main products of the Iranian cucumber farms. Both of these cucumber cultivars have certain characteristics which makes them suitable for this purpose.
These cucumbers have no or very few seeds inside them. Their seedless flesh is also very sweet and you won’t find the bitter taste of the common cucumbers here. Because of these characteristics a lot of companies Export barbed cucumber and Persian cucumbers to the foreign importers.

Export barbed cucumber

Cucumber production in Iranian cities

Iran is a vast country that has over 20 different climates on different cities. Cucumbers in Iran produced in both open farms and greenhouses, which the method can change based on the climate of the city. Open farms are more common in the northern cities of the country.
This is because of the fact that open farms require a lot of water and there are many fresh water sources in the north. On the other hand, greenhouse products are more common in the central and southern states of the country. Barbed cultivars mostly grown in the north, and these cities Export barbed cucumber from Iran.

Export barbed cucumber

Export barbed cucumber from Iran

A lot of the local and international companies in the Middle East Export barbed cucumber from Iran. Iranian barbed cucumbers are very popular on the international markets and their sales are very easy. They imported mostly for fresh consumption by the buyers.
The cucumbers which exported for fresh consumption are all grade A, and in perfect shape and quality. There also many barbed cucumbers exported for making high quality delicious pickles. These cucumbers could be grade B, but that doesn’t mean teat they have a lower quality, but only deformed physically.

Export barbed cucumber

The price of the best quality barbed cucumber

Iranian companies Export barbed cucumber every year with different prices that could change based on many factors. The most important factor could be the amount of annual production. Usually, the higher the production of the year is, the lower the wholesale prices will be. So for example natural things like frost could affect the final price of the cucumbers dramatically.
Also there are many different cucumber cultivars and each of them has a different taste and quality, and of course price. Fortunately, cucumbers also grown in greenhouses and available all year long, so the season of harvest doesn’t affect their prices. Overall, cucumber are among the best and most affordable vegetables in the world.

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