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Export best cucumber for pickles

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What is the best cucumber for picklesThe production of Persian cucumber and Barbed cucumber in IranWholesale price per ton of cucumbersCucumber export from IranBuy cucumbers for picking from Iran
Best cucumber for pickles

Persian cucumbers acquire certain characteristics, which made a lot of professionals to call them the best type of cucumbers for making high quality pickles. Iran is also one of the largest producers of cucumbers in the world and many companies export  Best cucumber for pickles from Iranian products.

Persian cucumbers considered the best cucumber for pickles and are on the wish list of many pickling companies. They are also very healthy, and besides being full of nutrients and vitamins, are a great snack to prevent dehydration. Cucumbers are the most common vegetables grown in the country, and are an important part of Iranian agriculture.

Best cucumber for pickles

What is the best cucumber for pickles

There are a few characteristics that define the best cucumber for pickles, and according to professionals, Persian cucumbers have got most of them. Persian cucumbers are usually longer and thinner than the typical English cucumbers which makes their pickles to have a unified formed. They have also got thin skins and crunchy sweet flesh.
This thin skin allows the pickling liquids to travel to the cucumber easily, and along with the crunchy flesh, they will make a delightful experience. They have also got very few or no seeds at all, and that makes their pickles even better. Overall, they are one of the best cucumber cultivars in the world, for this purpose.

Best cucumber for pickles

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The production of Persian cucumber and Barbed cucumber in Iran

Iran is the fifth biggest producer of cucumbers in the world, with around 1.7 million tons of production every year. Many believe that the best cucumber for pickles and fresh consumption are found in Iran. Persian cucumber produced in greenhouses and open farms and some of them barbed.
Barbed cucumbers are more common in the northern states of Iran because they require more water. They are both very popular cultivars on the international markets and have many customers. This high amount of production have made Iran the biggest supplier in the Middle East.

Best cucumber for pickles

Wholesale price per ton of cucumbers

The price of the cucumbers mostly depends on the reason of their exports and the type of usage. Many cucumbers exported for fresh consumptions. These cucumbers are obviously in the best physical shape and quality, and are much more expensive than the other grade products.
Iran also offers the best cucumber for pickles, which is usually not the same as the fresh consumption types. These cucumbers might have physical imperfections, and have a lower range of prices, compared to grade A product. Overall, both types are very popular and high demanding among their customers.

Best cucumber for pickles

Cucumber export from Iran

Iran is one of the biggest producers of cucumbers in the world, and the biggest among the Middle Eastern countries. Iranian cucumbers exported to many of these countries all year long. Since cucumbers produced in both greenhouses and open farms in Iran, they are available in all the seasons.
They also considered to be the best cucumber for pickles. They very well received over on the international markets and companies have no problems in selling them. These popularities are due to their high quality, amazing sweet taste, and their organic farming methods.

Best cucumber for pickles

Buy cucumbers for picking from Iran

Iran offers the best cucumbers for pickles. A large part of the Iranian cucumber exports is the top quality grade A product which usually exported specifically for fresh consumption. There are also the second grade products which used for making side products like pickles.
These cucumbers are not necessarily lower in quality, and might just physically deformed or shorter than normal cucumbers. There are also a lot of companies within the country which produce pickles and export them. Pickles made by Persian cucumbers considered among the best in the world. They have got all of the characteristics required in order to make really high quality and very popular pickled cucumbers.

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