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Export cucumber from Iran

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Cucumber is popular all over the worldHarvesting Varieties of Cucumbers in IranPrices per ton of Iranian cucumbersExport cucumber from IranBuy cucumbers on the market
Export cucumber from

Cucumbers are low calorie healthy vegetables that produced on large scale in Iran, and are a part of the country’s culture and cuisines. They are a main part of the Iranian agriculture and are produced all over the country, and many fruit companies, Export cucumber from Iran to many importers.

Most of the fruit companies of the world, Export cucumber from many different sources, since they are very popular and easy to sell. They are an essential part of any fruit market from all over the world. They are also very healthy because of the various nutrients in them like potassium and protein, and their low calories which makes them a healthy snack.

Export cucumber from

Cucumber is popular all over the world

Cucumbers are one of the most popular and favorite vegetables all over the world, and enjoyed by people from all cultures and countries. They are healthy, low in calories, and are a great source of water which can help hydrate the body and the skin. There have been many studies that said many types of cucumbers have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits.
Cucumbers are naturally low in calories, carbohydrates, sodium, fat and cholesterol as well. These are all the reasons for the high and increasing popularity of them. Many countries of the world, Export cucumber from the producers every year.

Export cucumber from

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Harvesting Varieties of Cucumbers in Iran

There many different varieties of cucumbers harvested in Iran with the two most common being the barbed and regular Persian cucumbers. Also, the cucumbers grown in open farms and greenhouses are different from each other.
Iranian cucumbers are all in perfect shape and suitable for fresh consumption. Many of the local and regional companies also Export cucumber from Iran. Since cucumbers also grown in greenhouses, they are available all year long. Greenhouses are more suitable for harvesting in the southern states of Iran where there aren’t many fresh water sources.

Export cucumber from

Prices per ton of Iranian cucumbers

Many fruit companies Export cucumber from Iran with many different prices. Most of the Iranian cucumber exports are from the high quality products that used for fresh consumption. These cucumbers are higher in quality and have a better shape, and thus are more expensive.
There are also some cucumber exports that are not as high quality as the others and used for making pickles. These cucumbers usually are of the same quality and taste, but have physical imperfections which will lower their prices. There are also differences in the prices of greenhouse and open farm products.

Export cucumber from

Export cucumber from Iran

Iran is one of the main suppliers of the cucumbers in the Middle East. Many neighboring countries like Iraq, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates Export cucumber from Iran. Iranian cucumbers are also the best option for these countries. Growing cucumbers in the open farms requires a lot of water, which not easily found in many of these countries.
Iran on the other hand is among the top producers of cucumbers in the world, and can easily supply the markets of the region. Also the shorter distance is a factor for choosing Iranian cucumbers, since they’ll arrive fast and fresh.

Export cucumber from

Buy cucumbers on the market

Cucumbers are very versatile vegetables and can grown in many different climates and even greenhouses. As a result, most countries in the world have cucumber productions. But many of these productions not enough to supply the needs of the local markets. These countries have to Export cucumber from large producers of the vegetables like Iran.
Iran exports large quantities of cucumbers to many countries of the world every year. Also most of the cucumbers in the world produced and consumed in China. Overall, cucumbers are very popular and can be found in most markets.