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Export golden kiwi of Talesh

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The benefits of eating golden kiwiKiwi gardens in Talesh city of IranKiwi harvest season in TaleshKiwi exports from IranPrice of kiwi of Talesh
Golden kiwi fruit

Talesh is one of the kiwi fruit producers in Iran and produces a great amount of the fruit every year, and also exports the fruit to many countries around the world. The price of golden kiwi fruit is quite high in the international market and Talesh is providing the demand of some countries for this fruit.

The production of golden kiwi fruit is mostly in the northern cities of Iran and the ban of the European goods in Russia has also encouraged increased demand for fruit there. This increase in the demand has opened more opportunities for Iran’s golden kiwi fruit export. Golden kiwi fruit price in Russia is also profitable for the Iranian produces.

Golden kiwi fruit

The benefits of eating golden kiwi

Golden kiwi is one of the fruits. Which is very beneficial for the body because of the low calorie and cholesterol it has. Golden kiwi fruit is full of nutrients and contains a lot of minerals which are necessary for the body. Also Golden kiwi fruit is so popular and contains calcium, zinc, iron, selenium and manganese. The minerals in the fruit help the consumer get the necessary nutrients and get less calorie at the same time. The iron in the kiwi fruit improves physical performance and boosts body’s energy levels. The calcium in the kiwi plays a vital role in contraction and relaxation of muscles which is also very important for the body.

Golden kiwi fruit

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Kiwi gardens in Talesh city of Iran

As one of the northern cities of Iran, Talesh has great kiwi gardens and produces great golden kiwi fruit every year for both the domestic consumption and export. The kiwi produced in this city is of a great quality and has a great market around the world. The gardens and the quality of the fruit they produce are very important.
Therefore, the kiwi growers are always consulting the experts to have better crops. The experts also help the growers in any way to have quality organic fruit. The international fruit market is always looking for these kinds of quality fruits.

Golden kiwi fruit

Kiwi harvest season in Talesh

Talesh is exporting the fruit to many countries in the area and mostly to the United Arab Emirates, India. Only about 10 percent of the golden kiwi fruit produced in Talesh is for the domestic consumption and about 90 percent is exported to other countries. The growers usually harvest the fruit in November and December.
There are many companies which take the responsibility of exporting the fruit to other countries. These export companies take the responsibility of finding the best market for the fruit. The companies try to keep the price higher in the world market.

Golden kiwi fruit

Kiwi exports from Iran

Exporting kiwi fruit from Iran is high and the higher demand of the fruit leads to higher production. Golden kiwi fruit price is also low in Iran and therefore many countries import the fruit directly or indirectly. This is not just because of the price but also because of the quality of the Iranian kiwi fruit.
The Iranian kiwi fruit is so popular in the international market. The price of the kiwi fruit in the international market brings a great profit for the Iranian producers. The price of the fruit in the domestic market is less than the international market and the growers are more eager in producing quality fruit.

Golden kiwi fruit

Price of kiwi of Talesh

The price of kiwi fruit of Talesh is high because of the high demand in the international market due to the high quality of fruit. The sale of the fruit to some countries is not direct because of the sanctions. Therefore, there are some tradesmen who cause the incretion of the prices. Price of golden kiwi fruit of Talesh in the international market depends mostly on the quality of the fruit and the packing of the fruit.
The export of the fruit is conducted by the exporting companies. These exporting companies find the best market and take the responsibility of packing the fruit in different packs of different sizes. The companies also provide the fruit in different forms according to the demand of the importers.

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