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Export Iranian apple fruit

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Iranian apple typesPersian yellow appleRed delicious apple fruitExports of apple from IranThe price of apples in the market
Iranian apple fruit

Apples are a big part of the Iranian agricultural products and there millions of tons of different varieties of apples produced in Iran every year. A lot of companies are also export Iranian apple fruit to many of the neighboring and Middle Easter countries, since they are very popular.

Iran is among the top apple producing countries of the world with the annual production of 3.7 million tons of fresh apple. Iranian apple fruit are grown in different regions of the country with different climates and conditions. Most of the apples produced in Iran are of the internationally popular cultivars like the Red and Golden Delicious and Fuji.

Iranian apple fruit

Iranian apple types

There are a wide variety of Iranian apple fruit out there, that achieved both through natural and scientific breeding, and are grown on commercial scales in the Iranian apple farms. Fuji, Granny Smiths, and Red and Golden Delicious the most famous internationally beloved apple cultivars in Iran. These apples are all different in shapes and colors and sometimes even taste. But regardless of these differences, all apples are widely known to be high in fiber and low in calories. These benefits make apples a great choice for someone trying to eat healthy and lose some weight. There are even some local apple cultivars, which are only found in Iran.

Iranian apple fruit

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Persian yellow apple

Most of the Iranian yellow apples are of the extremely popular Golden Delicious cultivar. These apples, account for around a million ton of the total 3.7-million-ton Iranian apple fruit production. Almost they are also among the top 4 favorite apple in the world, and one of the most traded varieties as well.
Regullary generally large sized apples with a very sweet taste to the flesh. It should also be said They also have a very delicate skin and can easily get bruises or cuts during shipping. So they require special care in the process. This variety is a favorite for salads, fresh consumption, and pastry like apple pies.

Iranian apple fruit

Red delicious apple fruit

These apples known everywhere for their beautiful, deep red and thick skin and packed with a lot of nutrients. There certain compounds found in these apples that play a big role in human health and prevent a lot of diseases. Studies show that Red Delicious apples are higher in these compounds like polyphenolic. They account for around 1.2 million tons of the total 3.7-million-ton Iranian apple fruit production. also pack a lot of nutrients in their skin, and healthcare professionals suggest eating them whole. It must be said they are also among the most common cultivars in the world.

Iranian apple fruit

Exports of apple from Iran

Iranian apple fruit exported to more than 23 countries of the world every year. Most of these apples sent to Middle Eastern and Neighboring countries. Also the biggest importers are Russia, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and other countries of the region. Also the amounts of exports from the west Asian countries like Turkey and Iran, have increased in the past couple of years.
This is because of the increased production and the higher demands of the foreign markets. The apple markets is very competitive in these regions, and all countries are trying to offer the best quality with the lowest prices.

Iranian apple fruit

The price of apples in the market

There are several factors for the price of apples. These factors could affect the retail prices of the Iranian apple fruit in the foreign markets all over the world. Also since apples grown in both the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere. They have different prices in different times of the year. Even though, the vast majority of the apples harvested and traded fresh in summer and autumn. Iranian apples mostly sent to the markets in the month of autumn.
The market prices depend on many factors like the apple types and the shipping costs. So exporting apples to neighboring countries seems more profitable, because of the lower shipping costs. Iranian apple fruit are very popular in many of the foreign markets and are always in high demands.

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