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Export Iranian cucumber to Iraq

Cucumbers are very popular vegetables worldwide and can be found in many different dishes and cuisines from all over the world. Iran is also a large producer of the vegetable in the region and the world, and many companies export Iranian cucumber to Iraq and other countries every year.

Cucumbers in the world

Cucumbers are grown in all the continents of the world, and are well known everywhere. They are a constant addition to many different salads all over the world and enjoyed by many people. They are also very common in the pickle form, and there are many farms that grow specific cucumber cultivars with much thinner skins and crunchier flesh, to make high quality pickles.

There hundreds of different cucumber cultivars grown in cities of Iran all year long, which used for different purposes both within and outside the country. Every year, the producers and suppliers, export Iranian cucumber to Iraq and other top fruit and vegetable markets in the Middle Eastern region and even the world.

Cucumbers in the world

Iranian cucumber production

Cucumbers are truly durable vegetables, as you can harvest them in many different climates, and in open farms and greenhouses. The option to harvest cucumbers in greenhouses, allows the regions with drier climates and lower fresh water sources to be able to harvest the fruit as easily as any other place. Iran is the 5th largest producer of the vegetable in the world with more than 2 million tons of production every year.

It is also the largest producer among the Middle Eastern countries which naturally made it the main supplier for many of these countries. Countries like Iraq completely depend on the Iranian producers to meet their demands and the international fruit companies export Iranian cucumber to Iraq on very large scales every year.

Because of the greenhouse option, the cucumbers are also available all year long.

Iranian cucumber production

Cucumber benefits

There are very few vegetables in the world which are as healthy and as nutritious as cucumbers are. Cucumbers are almost 95 percent water. This means that they are very low on calories and fats and harmful sugars. Besides, they are also rich in dietary fibers which can help the consumers feel full for much longer periods of time, and thus makes them an ideal choice for people on diets or athletes.

Also this high content of water makes them very suitable for dehydration in the warmer months of the year. Either put in a bowl of salad or enjoyed raw, cucumbers packed full of various useful nutrients and can help you in many different ways. Iranian cucumbers are also as healthy as any other cucumber in the world.

Many companies export Iranian cucumber to Iraq and other countries, as one of their healthiest products.

Cucumber benefits

Cucumbers exports from Iran

As the largest producer of the vegetables in the Middle East and one of the biggest in the world, Iranian cucumbers have found their way into many different fruit and vegetable markets in the region and also in the world. Most of the Iranian cucumbers exported for fresh consumption. But there are also large amounts of exports to factories and companies which use the cucumbers to make high quality pickles.

Iranian barbed cucumbers are usually more popular for this purpose. Also because of the fact that cucumbers are grown in greenhouses, they available all year long and their distribution not limited to a specific harvesting season, which is a benefit for their international trades. Most of the Iranian exported cucumbers end up among the Middle Eastern countries and the fruit companies active in Iran export Iranian cucumber to Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, and Pakistan. The exported cucumbers are among the most popular products in these markets and the demands for them are constantly on the rise.

Besides the amazing taste and the quality, the organic and natural harvesting methods are among the reasons for this increasing popularity.
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