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Famous kiwi exporters in Iran

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Iran, the fourth largest kiwi producer in the worldKiwi sellers in IranIranian kiwi exportsKiwi exporters in IranKiwi exports by Vitatard company
Kiwi exporters in Iran

Kiwis were first cultivated in the north of Iran over thirty years ago as a new agricultural product to replace oranges, and these days there are more and more famous kiwi exporters in Iran, every day. These fruits have become quite popular among the north Iranian farmers and the production is constantly increasing.

Kiwis originally come from China. But these days, they are grown all in both the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres and are very popular worldwide. They are also very nutritious and contain high amounts of vitamins C and D.

There are a lot of kiwi exporters in Iran that send these fruits to many different countries of the world every year.

Kiwi exporters in Iran

Iran, the fourth largest kiwi producer in the world

Iran began its kiwi production just over 30 years ago. But today, is the 4th biggest producer of kiwis in the world, and has hectares of kiwi farms. Iran is now also the largest producer of the fruit in the Middle East and North Africa. Iran produces around 300000 tons of fresh kiwis every year in over 8000 hectares of open farms.

. Iranian kiwis are famous for their quality and are popular all over the world in the international markets. The northern states of Mazandaran, Guilan, and Golestan are the biggest producers of fresh kiwis in the country. There are also a lot of kiwi exporters in Iran that send these fresh fruit, all over the world.

Kiwi exporters in Iran

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Kiwi sellers in Iran

Iranian kiwis produced in many open farms in the northern states of the country. Most big Iranian fruit companies also try to add kiwis to their products every year. These kiwi seller companies usually collect the kiwis from the farmers and the local markets.

The kiwi exporters in Iran then try to sell these kiwis to foreign markets. Some of these companies export the products directly to the foreign markets, and some of them do this, through big international fruit companies. Iranian kiwis are known internationally as a brand, and their fame and quality, makes the selling much easier.

Kiwi exporters in Iran

Iranian kiwi exports

The country of Iran is the biggest exporter of kiwis in the Middle East and West Asia. Kiwi exporters in Iran export more than 21000 tons of fresh kiwis to 22 different countries every year. Most of these kiwis are sent to Russia, Iraq and other neighboring and Middle Eastern countries.

There are also a lot of different types of kiwis grown and exported in Iran, but the most popular are the green Hayward kiwis. Iran has also been growing golden kiwis recently, but the production still has a lot of room to grow. Iranian kiwis enjoyed in the markets from many different countries in the world.

Kiwi exporters in Iran

Kiwi exporters in Iran

Kiwi exporters in Iran usually collect the freshest best kiwis from the local farms and markets.  The state of Mazandaran us the biggest producer of this fruit with the annual production of 110000 tons every year. Guilan, and Golestan ranked next with the annual amounts of 70000 and 41000 tons, respectively.

The kiwi exporters collect the kiwis from all these states and store them in their own storage facilities. Kiwis are also among the fruit that can harvested while they are unripe. This fact, will make their storage and shipment processes much easier and they will arrive to the markets fresh.

Kiwi exporters in Iran

Kiwi exports by Vitatard company

Vitarad is among the biggest and most reliable names in the fruit industry, in Iran. They include fresh Iranian kiwis to their products every year and have customers from many different countries of the world. In the harvesting season, they collect the best Iranian kiwis from the northern farms. The kiwis are then packages and prepared for export by the company.

The kiwis chosen for export by the Vitarad company are of the highest quality possible and are the best choice for exports. They usually send the packages kiwis to many international markets themselves, but also work with international fruit companies as well. Vitarad is for sure one of the best kiwi exporters in Iran, and its customers always satisfied.

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