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Fresh bell pepper export from Iran

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Production of bell peppers in IranBanana consumers in IranBanana production in southern cities of IranBanana imports from producer countriesThe price per ton of imported bananasBuy banana in Iran marketsUses fresh bell peppers in cookingPrice per ton of sweet pepperPackaged bell peppers in carton plastFresh bell pepper export
Fresh bell pepper export

Iran one of the greatest bell pepper producers in the area and the produced bell peppers in some cities of Iran very famous and exported to other countries. Fresh bell pepper export from these cities meets the demand of many countries in the area and the world for this great vegetable.

Bell pepper has lots of benefits and is very popular by many consumers who use this vegetable in their diet salad. The countries importing this vegetable are always looking for the highest quality product and this is what the Iranian producers can bring about for them. The produced high-quality bell peppers packed in proper marketable packs to exported to the destination countries.

Fresh bell pepper export

Production of bell peppers in Iran

Because of the great weather conditions in Iran, many cities have the proper conditions to produce this vegetable and this makes Iran as one of the exporters of bell pepper. Fresh bell pepper export from Iran increases day by day as the demand for this vegetable rises.

The cities producing this vegetable usually sell this product to the exporting companies for export. Production of bell peppers conducted nearly everywhere in Iran in different colors of green, yellow, orange and red. The most common type is the green bell pepper which usually exported unripe. The production yellow and orange bell peppers are conducted in some cities of Iran.
Banana a herbal plant that was cultivated in India from 4000 years ago. Also banana imports done by equipped units in the prepared farms under hygienic methods. As result banana imports into Iranian markets presented in high qualities by grand commercial companies and it sold in large quantities.

Right now banana cultivated in all tropic and rainy parts of world. It has a stellar growth and has big and wide leaves. Raw fruit of this plant is green, after maturation it becomes yellow and delicious to eat. Banana imports are done when it is green and easily portable because after maturation it relents and becomes squashy. This function decreases the quality of yield.

Banana imports

Banana consumers in Iran

Banana consumers in Iran almost are all groups of age. Since banana has high energy and because it is soft and smooth, it a proper nourish for children and aged people. Banana is main source of starch in tropical regions. In per 100 gr of banana there is 22.84 gr carbohydrate, 12.23gr sugar, 2.6 gr fibers, 0.33 gr fat, 1.09 gr protein and 74 .91 gr water.

It has high percent of vitamins and especially is beneficial for children. A research in Imperial collage of London shows that use of one banana a day decreases symptoms of ASM in children in considerable amount. Usage of banana in pregnancy time is very beneficial for fetus and mother. This matters makes banana imports necessary.

Banana imports

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Banana production in southern cities of Iran

Banana production in southern cities of Iran only done in Sistan Baloochestan and Hormozgan and Kerman states. In these provinces banana is under wide implantation and production. Evan some people in semi-tropical region of Iran implant and grow this plant in their yards.

The proper soil for banana cultivation is acidic soil with good drainage. Banana needs adequate sunlight and moisture whether. Anyhow greenhouse cultivation of banana practiced in some parts of Iran and even in northern states many years ago. But because of some problems it not prospered. This led us again to banana imports.

Banana imports

Banana imports from producer countries

In Iran banana has the 12th score of imported articles. Banana imports from producer countries to Iran performed by commercial chief companies. In 2017-2018 Iran had imported more than 5444080000 dollar banana from 7 countries. Most part of that was from eastern south of Asia and southern America.

Totally we can say that banana imports to Iran is from Filipina, India, Kastarica and Serilanca. According to Iran custom reports in firs month of current year more than 64818 ton green and fresh banana imported to Iran from different countries.

Banana imports

The price per ton of imported bananas

The current price per kilogram of bananas in Iranian markets is 10500 Tomans. It means about one dollar per kilogram. Therefore 1000 dollars per ton is the bill for banana import, and we can result that purchase and custom of banana amount to this price. According to the quality of banana this price can vary.

Condition of keeping party of this fruit in fresh or dry shape has effect on quality and price that prizer suggests and pays for it. In a quick view to history of arrival of banana to Iran and banana imports, we can say that always banana was an expensive fruit.

Banana imports

Buy banana in Iran markets

Purchase of banana in Iran markets until some years ago was good and was not bad. But in beginning of current year because of increase of rent of dollar and decrease in value of Iranian money, the price of banana became more than routine and buying of this fruit didn’t go like before. Since there are many types of this fruit in various sizes, perhaps little size of this fruit can sold better than all.

Merchants and companies that work in business of banana imports should find some ways to have a proper trade. The government should have a total review on custom prices to modify the prices of banana and make it easier for people to be able to buy and use this fruit and also merchants be able to continue their business.
Fresh bell pepper export

Uses fresh bell peppers in cooking

This vegetable has many consumers around the world and most of them use this in their healthy diet as it contains lots of antioxidants. The use of fresh bell peppers in cooking has also made this vegetable a great choice for the cooks. Fresh bell pepper export by many countries around the world meets the needs of these great cuisines.

The consumption of bell peppers in any color is increasing as the consumers understand its benefits. Bell peppers can also used as powder which is also very popular. Bell pepper export to the countries in the area makes Iran famous for the production of this vegetable.

Fresh bell pepper export

Price per ton of sweet pepper

The price of bell pepper is very important for the producing countries of this vegetable and the countries importing it. The consumers of bell peppers usually look for different colors of the product to cook colorful dishes. The price of this product changes via the quality and the color of the pepper.

The price of sweet pepper per ton usually depends on its type, however it is not that expensive in Iran. The product’s price usually estimated based on many factors such as color, packing and quality. Iranian fresh bell pepper exporters meet all these factors for the export of this product, but the price is cheaper than many other exporters.

Fresh bell pepper export

Packaged bell peppers in carton plast

The Iranian exporters try to provide the international market with high quality products, therefore, they pack the bell peppers in carton plast. For this, the product usually sorted out and then packaged. The quality of the bell pepper that Iran produces is high and the many neighboring countries demand for the Iranian bell pepper.

Fresh bell pepper export from Iran is on the rise and this brings the country lots of profits regarding non-oil export. The bell peppers packaged in carton plast do not weigh that much. That is why a great amount of this fruit can exported to the destination countries.

Fresh bell pepper export

Fresh bell pepper export

Just like many other agricultural products that Iran is exporting to other countries. Also export of fresh be pepper is also high and many companies are dealing with this great. The export of this vegetable to the other countries needs high quality product and trade exports in this regard. There are some export companies which can go into great trades with the demanding countries.

The export of bell pepper is very important for the producers as well. Since the bell pepper can harvested unripe (in green color) or in half-ripe or ripe, the on-time export is vital. The on-time harvest of the product is also important for export. The exporting companies usually know how to deal with these issues and help the producers in exporting fresh bell pepper.