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Fresh Persian cucumber export

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Cucumber production in IranWhat is the difference between an English cucumber and a Persian cucumber?Cucumber Shoppers in the Middle EastExport cucumbers from IranPrices of fresh Persian cucumber
Persian cucumber

Fresh cucumbers are a great source of water and minerals, and among the best snacks for the warmer months of the year. Iran is also among the top ten producers of these amazing vegetables and has a lot of fresh Persian cucumber exports, mostly to the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries of the region.

Persian cucumber is low in calories, but high in many different minerals and nutrients. They recognized as a diet food, and are a great snack for people on diets, because they mostly consisted of water and can’t make the consumers fat. They are also a good way to hydrate your body every day, and can help you to take care of your skin and hair.

Persian cucumber

Cucumber production in Iran

Iran is one of the biggest producers of cucumbers in the world with 1.7 million metric tons of production every year which accounts for around 2.5% of the total global production. The production of the Persian cucumber have also increased more than 8% over the past few years. Iran ranked 4 among the top cucumber producers of the world after China, Russia, and Turkey.
More than 70 percent of the total cucumbers of the world produced in Asia and Iran must enter a really competitive market every year. Even though, a big part of the cucumber markets in the Middle East supplied by the products of the Iranian cucumber farms.

Persian cucumber

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What is the difference between an English cucumber and a Persian cucumber?

Well even though that all cucumbers look like each other, there are still some differences between them. Persian cucumber is generally longer than thinner than the English types. Also English cucumbers have many seeds inside them. Iranian cucumbers on the other hand have very few or no seeds at all which makes them perfect for fresh consumption.
The Persian types are also famous for their very thin skin and crunchy and sweet flesh. The Thin skin and the Crunchy flesh, have also made these cucumbers very popular as pickles, because the skin allows the liquid in.

Persian cucumber

Cucumber Shoppers in the Middle East

Middle East is one of the most heavily populated places on the planet. Some Middle Eastern countries like Iran are big cucumber producers and can completely supply their own markets. The rest, will have to buy their cucumbers from other producers in the world. One of the best options for Middle Eastern countries Persian cucumber produced by Iran.
They are really high quality and popular, and also produced in the Middle East itself. They can transported to the markets with the minimum costs and faster than any other country, which will result in fresh cucumbers in the shops.

Persian cucumber

Export cucumbers from Iran

2.44 percent of the total cucumber exports of the world carried out by the Iranian companies. Even though Russia is a bigger cucumber producer than Iran, it still imports a large part of the Iranian products. More than 90% of the exported Persian cucumber sent to Russia.
Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates, and Armenia are also big importers of these cucumbers. There are some exports to some European countries like the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and Switzerland as well. These Iranian cucumbers are among the most popular products in all of these foreign markets.

Persian cucumber

Prices of fresh Persian cucumber

Persian cucumber come in a wide variety of different qualities and prices that change according to many indicating factors. Iranian cucumbers are all high quality and top grade materials. They used as table vegetables and people use them in salads or eat them raw. These class of cucumbers must also have a good appearance and be in perfect shape.
So as a result, the cucumbers exported for these purposes have much higher prices. There are also a lot of cucumber exports from Iran for making side products like pickles and other things. The cucumbers used in these ways are generally second grade and lower in quality and appearances, and a lot cheaper than the cucumbers used for fresh consumption.

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