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Green apple for import & export

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The health benefits of green applesGreen Apple Producing CountriesGreen apple for import & export to SudanImporter Company of apples to IranExports and Imports of Vitarad Company
Green apple for import

Green apples are one of the most popular and most cultivated apple varieties for both fresh consumption and cooking. There are high amounts of Green apple for import & exports all over the world, and the most famous and internationally recognized variety is the green Granny Smiths.

You don’t hear about green apples quite often as you hear about those common red apples     , but they are every bit as healthy and as delicious as the other types. They come in a variety of tastes that ranges from sour to sweet. They are also popular, especially famous cultivars like Granny Smiths, and a lot of countries have Green apple for import every year.


The health benefits of green apples

Consuming apple with its peel improves the overall health as they have a high fiber content which helps in increasing the body’s metabolism. Green apples have low fat content and help in maintaining good blood flow in the body and these improved circulations can prevent heart diseases and strokes. Green apples are also rich in vitamin K, which gives them the ability to heal blood clots.
These apples are an excellent source of vitamin C which keeps the skin cells away from getting damaged by free radicals. They also decrease the risk of skin cancer. They are very popular worldwide based on the high amounts of Green apple for import.

Green apple for import

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Green Apple Producing Countries

Most of the apples in the world produced in China as they have the annual production of 44.5 million tons of different types of apples. The USA, Poland and Iran are also among the big producers of this fruit. Green apples are also among the most popular cultivars of the fruit and account for a big part of these countries’ productions.
Many of the countries also purchase these countries’ Green apple for import. Granny Smith’s is the most popular green apple cultivar in the world. The total world apple production in the recent years was 90 million tons, and a big sum of them were green apples.

Green apple for import

Green apple for import & export to Sudan

Iran is among the top producers of apples in the world with the production of more than 3.7 million tons of fresh apples every year. Iran is also one of the largest exporters of the fruit as well. Most of the Iranian apples exported to Middle Eastern and neighboring countries like Iraq and Russia. Sudan is also among the countries that has Iranian Green apple for import.
There are tons of Iranian apple products sent to this country on a yearly basis with the value of tens of thousands of dollars. Iranian apples are so good in terms of quality that exported to other continents of the world.

Importer Company of apples to Iran

Iranian apples imported by many different companies to many different destinations of the world. Also they mostly grown with traditional organic methods. These organic apples are more popular. Because they do not receive any chemical pesticides or preservatives during the farming and the harvesting.
As a result, the customers are always sure that they are receiving fresh apples every time. That’s why a lot of companies buy high quality Iranian red, yellow and Green apple for import. Most of the international companies are also trying to add Iranian apples to their products.

Green apple for import

Exports and Imports of Vitarad Company

The global apple industry, is rapidly expanding as the demands. As result, the production of the fruit is constantly on the rise. Apples are an essential part of every big international fruit company’s product. Iran on the other hand is among the top apple producers of the world. And holds a considerable share in the market. That’s why a lot of companies interested in the Iranian apple markets.
Vitarad is one of the biggest and most reliable active companies trading apples in Iran. This company has a lot of the highest quality Iranian red, yellow, and Green apple for import and exports to many countries of the world. The apples offered by this company are of the highest quality and the best, found in Iran.

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