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Import mango from Thailand to Iran

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Mango production in ThailandMango Buyers in IranPicking and packing of mangoes in carton plastImport mango from ThailandThailand Mango Prices in Iran
Import mango from Thailand

One of the big mango-producing countries in the area is Thailand which supplies a higher demand of the Asian countries in the area because of its nice products. Iran is also one of the many countries that import mango from Thailand because of the quality of the product.

Importing tropical fruits to Iran and especially mango fruit from Iran dates back to a few decades ago. The higher supplying capacity of the Thai producers in supplying the demand of foreign customers has made a great international fruit market for the country. Nowadays, many Asian, European and American countries import mango from Thailand.

Import mango from Thailand

Mango production in Thailand

Thailand is one of the big mango producers in the world and Asia which meets the mango demand of many countries around the world. The proper weather condition of the country and the large area under the cultivation of this fruit makes it possible for the country to meet many countries demands.

Thailand is a very world-famous country for the yellow mango it produces. Many countries import high quality yellow mango from Thailand. Iran is also one of the countries that meets the consumers’ needs importing from this country. Therefore, the price of the imported mango from Thailand should be affordable for the Iranian consumers.

Import mango from Thailand

Mango Buyers in Iran

There are many companies in Iran which import mango from Thailand or even some other countries, but not all of them import quality fruits. Even some of them import mango from other countries and sell low-quality fruit to consumers.

Those of the best companies usually import the best fruit and are always looking for customer satisfaction. These companies are mostly good mango buyers that the Thai export companies do trust them. The products are also prepared in nice packings. The Iranian buyers also considered as big buyers of the fruit from Thailand.

Import mango from Thailand

Picking and packing of mangoes in carton plast

The process of exporting a fruit usually seems as an easy task, however it is not. Picking the fruit must be on time and mostly when it is green, because the fruit gets ripe during the shipping time. On the other hand, the process of packing the fruit is very significant because it is an important factor in exporting the fruit.

This process usually conducted under the observance of experts in this field. The fruits sorted out by soring machines and then get ready for export. In order to import mango from Thailand, the companies usually put them in carton plast packs.

Import mango from Thailand

Import mango from Thailand

From among the many countries that import mango from Thailand, many countries pay much more attention even on the time of delivery. As the country is located in Asia, delivering the fruit to many of the Asian countries is an easy task. Because the country is not that far away and the process won’t take that long.

Most of the time importing the fruit conducted through the exporting companies. These companies are looking for the best fruit to import and most of them come to the first and last choice. To import mango from Thailand is the final option for the buyers of mango in Iran.

Import mango from Thailand

Thailand Mango Prices in Iran

Thailand mango prices in Iran are not that high and we can say it is somehow reasonable. The importers usually do not need to spend much for the shipping of the fruit to the country. Therefore, the prices would be reasonable and affordable for the importer. To import mango from Thailand, the importing companies need to negotiate with the exporting companies over the price.

Also, the importing companies should mention their looking for quality and well-packed fruit. This is because the consumer and customer satisfaction plays an important role in the economy of a country. That is why not all the importing companies are successful and only a few are working in this field in Iran.