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Import mangoes from Pakistan to Iran

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10 Health Benefits of MangosWorld's best mango countrySpecific packing for export of mangoImport mangoes from PakistanImported mango pricesBuy Pakistani mango in Iran
Import mangoes from Pakistan

Mangoes have been ranked among the most widely consumed fruit in the world, and when you look at all the benefits of this fruit, you’ll know why. The amount of organizations that import mangoes from Pakistan to Iran and other mango producing countries are also constantly increasing.
The mango is the apple of the tropics. Mango is one of the most commonly eaten fruits in tropical countries around the world. Mangoes are hand-harvested, simply by snapping-off fruits from peduncles in less-developed plantings, or by clipping peduncles 4 inches above the fruit when intended for export.
Mangoes are harvested 120 days after flower induction.

Import mangoes from Pakistan

10 Health Benefits of Mangos

Many studies suggest that increasing consumption of mangoes decreases the risk of obesity, overall mortality, diabetes, and heart disease. Promotes a healthy complexion and hair, increased energy, and overall lower weight. The antioxidant zeaxanthin, found in mangoes, filters out harmful blue light rays, and protects the eyes.
The risk of developing asthma is also lower in people who consume beta-carotene, which is found in mangoes. They can also help prevent prostate cancer.
Given this amazing health reality, many large companies and countries are promoting Mango imports from Pakistan and other producing countries.

Import mangoes from Pakistan

World’s best mango country

There are many countries worldwide producing mangoes and they all have their own type of fruit and mangoes. Some countries’ mangoes have a higher quality due to their appropriate climate and topology.
Some varieties of mangoes like Alphonso, Guimaras, Carabao, and Chaunsa, are considered as the best and the sweetest mangoes in the world.
Alphonso, also known as Hapoo, is the most expensive variety of mangoes that cultivated in India and Pakistan.

Import mangoes from Pakistan

Specific packing for export of mango

Usually, each mango packed in a polystyrene sleeve clean, white, soft, plastic, and plastic. This will blocked in the box for preventing bruising before packing. This is because mangoes have a very delicate skin.
Any cut or bruise in the skin can expose the fruit to open air. The packages must also protect the mangoes from insects. When companies import mangoes from Pakistan, they take all these details and quality standards in the packaging system, into account.

Import mangoes from Pakistan

Import mangoes from Pakistan

The biggest importers of Pakistan’s mangoes are Persian Gulf countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arab and Iran. There also some mangoes exported to the European Union countries and some to China.
Recent climate changes and Global warming are serious potential threats to the production of mango. Pakistan is planning on promoting mangoes in China, Maldives, European to increase its mango exports and make its market bigger.

Import mangoes from Pakistan

Imported mango prices

There are a lot of factors affecting the prices of the Imported fruit. First is the method of Transportation. Usually import from neighboring countries from land and sea is much cheaper. But imports from oceans or those that cost a lot with a plane.
For example, when Iran imports mangoes from Pakistan, they use the land border and lower the price. Also the season of the harvest is important, and mangoes have a higher quality in specific seasons, and a higher price.

Import mangoes from Pakistan

Buy Pakistani mango in Iran

Iran imported more than 20000 tons of fresh mangoes Last year alone. Pakistan was the first exporter of this fruit with more than 17,000 tons. Pakistan ranked first and is above Turkey and Thailand. Most of the mangoes exported to Iran are from the Sindhri and Chaunsa varieties, which have a really good quality.
The mangoes arrive to Iran in 8 and 10 kilogram special boxes that keep the mangoes fresh and unharmed. Mangoes or land from Chabahar to Iran sent to Iran. Or sent to Tehran by plane and later distributed in Iran.