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Indian Mango in Iranian Fruit stories

Mango a tropical fruit and is known in Iran. Mango in Iranian fruit stories has its buyers. Iranian and also Indian Mango in Iranian fruit stories are selling and have their advocates. This fruit is very delicious and reinforce. Birthplace of this fruit is hillside of Himalaya mountain in India.

Mango one of first fruits that used in tropical districts by human. In southern regions of Iran also Mango cultivated and used in large amounts. Mango in Iranian fruit stories is sold because of its taste and therapeutic properties. Mango decreases blood pressure, it is good for anemia patients, and it is anti-cancer. Use of Mango recommended for old people and children and pregnant women.

Mango in Iranian Fruit stories

Mango Products in India

Mango trees were upbringing in India peninsula from many thousands of years ago. However, after fourth and fifth BC this fruit was transferred into and cultivated in Africa, Brasilia, Karaib, north America and Mexico, now a days half part of all products of Mongo in world belongs to India.

This plant easily cultivated. Mango trees are very tall and might be 35- 40 meters. Lifetime of these trees is more than 300 years. Fruits mature in 3 to 6 months. Wight of Mangoes reaches to 500 gr- 2.5 kg. The color and size of fruits depended to environment and sunlight.

Mango in Iranian Fruit stories

Export Mangos to buyer’s country

Universal production of Mango in 2004 was 26.3 million tons. Although India is the greatest producer of Mango in world but this country has only one percentage of world exports about this fruit. Ironically export Mangos to buyer’s countries is less than anticipates.

Therefore, Indian Mango in Iranian fruit stories is not staller. But with recent contracts and approvals that have done about import of Mango from India to Iran, Indian Mango will purchased and used by Iranians.

Mango in Iranian Fruit stories

Import Mango fruits to Iran

Already in the past times import Mango fruits to Iran was from Pakistan. In current year, through 6 months ago more than 12500-ton Mango imported to Iran from Pakistan. Recently some approvals have done and according protocols Iran will import mango from India.

Import of this fruit from India will be under guaranty conditions. Indian Mango in Iranian fruit stories will find its pace. Mango imports every year done frome Sistan baluchestan, beginning from Khordad until the end of Shahrivar.

Mango in Iranian Fruit stories

The purchase price of Mango Hindi

The purchase price of Mango in Iranian Fruit Stories is partly expensive. Maybe because of custom tax. And totally because of activity of mediators and stockbrokers. Mediators assemble conditions that this fruit not sold by its real price.

Solving the custom problems and attending and considering the deal of Mango between buyer and seller can effect on price of Mango and modify and moderate its price. In moderate condition more people can buy this fruit and use from its edible attributes.

Mango in Iranian Fruit stories

Mango in Iranian Fruit Stories

The most part of Mango in Iran cultivated in Hormozgan state that is 22000 ton in every year. After that in Sistan Baluchistan 14000-ton Mango produced in a year. Mango in Iranian fruit stories consists of Iranian Mango and imported Mango. It sold because of its delightful taste and edible use.

In per 100 gr of Mango there are 15 gr carbohydrate, 13.7 gr sugars, 1.6 gr fibers, 0.38 gr fats, 0.82 gr protein and many amounts of vitamins. This fruit a proper source of Potassium and recommended for people that have high blood pressure. Mango supports kidney, digestion system of body, and restrains anemia because abundant amount of iron element in its chemical compound.

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