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Iranian companies exporting kiwi fruit

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Kiwi production in IranExporting kiwi fruitExport kiwis from IranIranian companies exporting kiwi fruitKiwi exports of Vitarad companyBuy kiwis on the market
Exporting kiwi fruit

Over the past few decades, kiwis have become one of the most popular and widely cultivated fruits on the market, with countries like New Zealand, Italia, and Iran joining the international trade. There are a lot of active Iranian companies exporting kiwi fruit to the local and international markets.

These fruits popularity have been on the rise over the recent years. And now, it has found its place in the international cuisines all over the world. They are also extremely healthy and contain lots of vitamin C and antioxidants that are good for the wellbeing of the heart.

A lot of new countries are producing and exporting kiwi fruits on a large scale.

Exporting kiwi fruit

Kiwi production in Iran

Iran stated its kiwi fruit production over thirty years ago. Today, the kiwi production of Iran has reached to a level that there are exports to many countries of the world. All of the Iranian kiwis are produced in the northern states of Mazandaran, Gilan, and Golestan. As they are the only states with the suitable climates for kiwi production.

A lot of different varieties of kiwis are being produced in Iran. But the most common type is the green Hayward kiwi that account for more than 50% of Iran’s production. There have also been yellow kiwi production in the recent years. Iran is mostly exporting kiwi fruit to neighboring countries like Russia.

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Exporting kiwi fruit

Export kiwis from Iran

Iran is one of the biggest producers of kiwis in the world. The country meets the needs of the local kiwi markets and also exports thousands of tons every year. There are a lot of fruit companies that are exporting kiwi fruit from Iran. Most of the Iranian kiwis are exported to neighboring countries like Iraq and Turkey.

Companies are also exporting kiwi fruits to Russia on a large scale.  The short distance and the many land and sea borders between these countries, have made the exporting process easier. Iranian kiwis are also very popular and in high demands, on the international markets.

Exporting kiwi fruit

Iranian companies exporting kiwi fruit

Many fruit companies in Iran, have kiwis among their products. These companies mostly collect the kiwis from the local markets and farmers and store them. Some of the companies are exporting kiwi fruits to the international markets themselves. Some of them on the other hand, sell their kiwis to the international companies directly.

These international fruit companies do the shipment and distribution on their own. Kiwis are also among the few fruit that can be harvested while unripe. And can ripen later without the plane, and this fact makes the transportation processes easier and cheaper.

Exporting kiwi fruit

Kiwi exports of Vitarad company

Vitarad is one of the biggest companies exporting kiwi fruit in Iran. The company was one of the first to enter the kiwi business. And now trades high quality fruit with many countries of the world.  This company supplies its kiwis from the best kiwi farms in the states of Guilan and Mazandaran.

The kiwi exports usually start from the month of September when all the nutrients in the fruit completed. The company has a lot of exports to neighboring countries like Iraq and Russia every year. The kiwis supplied by the Vitarad company are among the best in Iran. And also certainly the best choice for international fruit trades.

Buy kiwis on the market

Since kiwis produced in both the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres, they are available all year long. Iranian kiwis mostly ripened and harvested from the month of September in the northern states of the country. Kiwis have become more and more popular in the past few decades and are now available in most of the countries.

Countries like China, Italy, New Zealand and Iran are the biggest places that are exporting kiwi fruit worldwide. Most of the big international companies, also have added kiwis to their annual exports. The kiwi prices have also lowered over the recent years. The advancements in the technologies and the increased global production, have made kiwis more accessible everywhere.