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Iranian pomegranate price per ton

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Production of high quality pomegranate in IranVariety of flavors of pomegranate in IranIranian pomegranate exportsPomegranate price per tonIranian pomegranate sale in the market
Pomegranate price per ton

Pomegranates are originally native fruit of modern day ran and northern India, and both of these countries produce this amazing fruit on a commercial scale today. These pomegranates are sent to many countries in the world and Iranian Pomegranate price per ton are set according to the destination.

Pomegranates are full of antioxidants, which are great for regulating the blood pressure and prevent heart diseases. As a result of these benefits, they have become very popular worldwide.
And many countries in the world are producing or importing them in large scales. Pomegranate price per ton have also became more affordable as a result of this increase.

Pomegranate price per ton

Production of high quality pomegranate in Iran

As the birthplace of pomegranates, Iran has the highest amount of pomegranate production among all the countries in the world. And holds a big share of the international trade market. There are many different varieties of pomegranates grown in different cities of Iran with different climates. The Pomegranate price per ton for each of these varieties are also different.

Iranian pomegranates are known as a brand on the international markets. They have an extraordinary quality and are very popular with the foreign markets and big international fruit companies. The side products made from Iranian pomegranates are also well known and high demanding abroad.

Pomegranate price per ton

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Variety of flavors of pomegranate in Iran

There many different varieties of pomegranates grown in ran with many different flavors. Most of the pomegranates grown in the central and the southern states of Iran are sweet. They get their sweet taste because of the high amounts of sunshine they receive.

On the other hand, the pomegranates grown in the northern states are mostly sour and smaller in size. This is because of the cloudy fall weather of the northern states near the Caspian Sea that turns the pomegranates sour and small. The Pomegranate price per ton of these different pomegranates are also not the same and sweet ones are more expensive.

Pomegranate price per ton

Iranian pomegranate exports

Most of the pomegranates in the world exported to the international markets for fresh consumption. A minor part also used for making side products like juices and pastes. Iran is one of the biggest exporters in both of these categories. Most of the Iranian pomegranates exported to neighboring and Middle Eastern countries.

Russia, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates are the biggest customers of the fresh Iranian pomegranates. The pomegranate’s prices per ton depends on the importing countries, because the further the customer country is, the higher the shipping costs will be.

Pomegranate price per ton

Pomegranate price per ton

There are a lot of different factors that can affect the Pomegranate price per ton. The most important one of all is the distance between the importing and the exporting country. The shipping costs are a big part of fruit trade and the further the importing country, the higher the price will be.

The type of the pomegranates will also have an effect on the prices. Some varieties are more popular or have a higher quality and lower production rate, which naturally makes them much more expensive. The season of the year is also an indicating factor as there are more fresh pomegranates available in some months.

Pomegranate price per ton

Iranian pomegranate sale in the market

Since pomegranates grown in both the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere, they are available on the markets all year long. Iranian pomegranates are usually available in the markets from September to February. But, the side products made from the pomegranates available all year long. Most of the exported Iranian pomegranates sent to the neighboring countries’ markets.

The pomegranates’ prices per ton for each of these markets are also very different. Iranian pomegranates are extremely popular on the international markets and they are always in high demands everywhere. The side products of the Iranian pomegranates also very easily found on the foreign markets all over the world.