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Iranian red delicious apple export

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The benefits of red delicious appleRed delicious apple production in IranRed delicious apple exportWholesale apple pricesIranian apple in the international market
Red delicious apple export

Iran is one of the greatest countries in producing Red delicious apple in Asia and around the world. The weather of Iran is quite good for producing this type of apple and the Iranian Red delicious apple export is increasing nowadays because of the quality fruit that our farmers and exporters provide to the market.

Iranian Red delicious apple export is something that needs a great knowledge of the market and also needs lots of experience. Finding a good market for the agricultural products and especially apple is something which only the experts can do well. Red delicious variety is one of the most favorite ones provided to the Asian market by Iran.

Red delicious apple export

The benefits of red delicious apple

Apples are great fruits and are full of antioxidants. The saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is quite right. Apples, and especially the Red delicious, helps improving the neurological health and help to reduce the cellular. This variety of apple reduces the risk of stroke through reducing bad cholesterol and it also prevents obesity.

It also reduces the risk of diabetes and helps prevent breast cancer in women. apple is the great source of antioxidants and is known as disease fighting variety.

Red delicious apple export

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Red delicious apple production in Iran

Red delicious apples are produced nearly in every part of Iran and are exported to many countries around the world. The production of apple and especially the organic fruit needs a great effort. West Azerbaijan province is the first apple producing province in Iran.

This part of the country is producing a great amount of apple every year and creates a good opportunity for Red delicious apple export. Producing the Red delicious is also very high in some cities and even some cities rank as the first producer and the greatest exporter of this fruit in Iran.

Red delicious apple export

Red delicious apple export

Red delicious apple export in Iran is of a great importance for both the country and the farmers. The exporters of this great fruit consider the quality of the fruit as the first priority to have a good place in the international market. Therefore, they are very meticulous at choosing the quality fruit for export.

Red delicious has gained a high popularity in apple market and there is a great demand for this fruit. And as the name says, it is a really delicious variety of fruit which the farmers produce by great effort and our experts prepare it for the customers around the world.

Red delicious apple export

Wholesale apple prices

The wholesale prices for Red delicious apple export are quite good in Iran. And many importing companies from all over the world import Iranian Red delicious. This is not only because of the price but also because of the quality. The wholesale price of this fruit is also less than one dollar.

As the international market is based on currencies such as dollar or euro, Iranian market seems to be the best. Iranian exporters also try to make good deals with the international traders. This brings profit not only for them, but also for the country.

Red delicious apple export

Iranian apple in the international market

As one of the best producers of apple, Iran has got a good share in apple export worldwide. Iran has recently attracted the international market on Iranian apple around the world. The exporting companies provide the organic fruits to the importing countries. They always care about customer satisfaction because they believe in it as a priority.

Iran is now taking the control of the Asian market in exporting apples. One of the biggest importers of Iranian apple is Russia which creates a great market for Red delicious apple export. Iran is also exporting other varieties of apple to the other Asian countries and this means that the apple export market is growing to be worldwide in near future.