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Iranian red delicious apple price

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The benefits of eating apple dailyRed delicious apple production in Iranian citiesPacking apples in carton plasticPrice of Iranian red delicious appleExport Iranian red delicious apple
Iranian red delicious apple

Iranian red delicious apple a genetic regenerated apple that there are50 kinds of this apple. Birth place of this apple is Madison county of Ayova state in America. First time it was harvested in 1880. It is common that Iranian red delicious apple price is more than other apples because it has some more benefits.

Iranian red delicious apple has some peculiar characteristics. Chief difference between this apple and other apples is high amount of antioxidants in it (20-40 % more than normal apples). This kind of apple is sour. It is little and has a red hull and red inside. The best advantage of this apple is than after cutting the fruit its color doesn’t change.

Iranian red delicious apple

The benefits of eating apple daily

There are more than 10 reasons that everybody needs to eat an apple a day.

  1. Apple helps to improve breathing and prevents and cures ASM.
  2. It throwback hungriness.
  3. Increases memory
  4. Also decreases blood fat.
  5. Conflicts with cancer.
  6. Reinforces digestion system of body.
  7. Increases energy of body.
  8. Because of having iron element in apple composition it helps to cure anemia.
  9.  It decreases danger of heart attack.
  10. it helps to improve diabetes.
  11. Because apple is a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin C, It helps to have a good sight.

Iranian red delicious apple also have all these properties and more.

Iranian red delicious apple

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Red delicious apple production in Iranian cities

In recent years many people tried to cultivate this fruit and record it as their native fruit but this fruit is weedy in some regions. It grows by itself in some areas of world like western north of Iran, vicinity of Shahrood, Republic Azerbaijan, some districts of Netherland and southern Africa.

But we can introduce Ardabil state as the biggest producer of red delicious apple in Iran and all over of the world. The seeds of Iranian red delicious apple are the best way for reproduction and engendering of this fruit. This apple is known as a summer fruit.

Iranian red delicious apple

Packing apples in carton plastic

Apple as an ancient and important fruit in Iran and other societies and as a delicate fruit is sensible about transportation. Through transportation it can damaged and spotted and find stain and blob. It is better to pack apple in tight and steady package. Usually carton packages are proper for apple packing.

Because they are retainable and adjusted with environment. Packing Iranian red delicious apple in carton and natural packages leads to have a high qualified product. By proper packing we can increase the time for preservation of apple.

Iranian red delicious apple

Price of Iranian red delicious apple

Right now concession of produce and sell of sapling of this red apple is for English company of “Satenz”. According to reports of Daily Mile broadcast this sapling is sold to 24.95 pond. Concession of produce and sell of fruit is for “Lubria” company, that is one of biggest producers of fruit in world.

According to report of sail agency of Iranian red delicious apple, this fruit will be sold in internet sites and this method assembles rival condition in market. Rivalry will lead to proper quality and better prices for this fruit.

Iranian red delicious apple

Export Iranian red delicious apple

Iranian red delicious apple that is producing in Ardabil state and especially in Naming county is obscure. Anonymity of this genetic store in Ardabil should attended. Paying attention to this crap can make economic help to country.

Production of this fruit in Semnan state is 800 ton in every year that 2800 ton of this amount is in Sahrood county and especially in Majan city. High amount of production of apples can result to export to other countries. High quality, proper packing, suitable price are the functions that needed for export.