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Iranian white grapes on the Russian market

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Russian buyers of Iranian white grapesThe benefits of eating white grapesGrape production in Iranian citiesExport Grapes to RussiaIranian Grape Sales in the Russian Market
White grapes

Like many other Iranian fruit, the high quality grapes of this country are also very popular on the international markets and sent to many different countries including Russia. There are tons of Iranian white grapes on the Russian markets every year, and they are always in high demands there.

Grapes are full of different nutrients and minerals, and each color and cultivar has a little more or less of the vitamins and nutrients. For example, red grapes are richer in anti-oxidants and white grapes are a better source of vitamin C. These grapes have also got less sugar than the others and are a great healthy snack for people who are losing weight.

White grapes

Russian buyers of Iranian white grapes

Russia is not a great grape producing country and despite having many vineyards around the country, it only produces less than 1% of the total grapes of the world. On the other hand, Russia is the largest country on earth and has a high population. As a result, the grape market of this country is very big and accounts for 2% of the global imports.

eIranian grapes are one of the main products on the Russian markets. They are extremely popular and are always in high demand, and the many different cultivars like the white grapes, has helped grow their popularity. Iran supplies more than 6% of the Russian fresh grape markets, every harvesting season.

White grapes

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The benefits of eating white grapes

White grapes have cultivated in Iran for thousands of years, and are still one of the most popular products of the country. Grapes contain many important vitamins and minerals. This includes more than one-quarter of the body’s daily requirement for vitamins C and K.

Grapes are high in antioxidants, hat may protect against chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. They can also regulate the blood pressure and reduce the chances of heart attacks. Grapes also contain several compounds, such as resveratrol, which can have benefits for a healthy eyesight.

White grapes

Grape production in Iranian cities

Iran has more than 20 different climates and each of them, has the required conditions for a certain type of grapes. That’s why many different cities in Iran have got vineyards and produce high amounts of grapes. There many different types and colors of this fruit produced in Iran including red, green, yellow, and white grapes.

These fruits also come in both the seeded and seedless forms. Seedless grapes are considered as table grapes and are very popular for fresh consumption worldwide. There are also a lot of side products made from these Iranian fruits like raisins and juice.

White grapes

Export Grapes to Russia

As it was mentioned before, Russia has got one of the largest grape markets of the world and many countries target this huge importer. Most of the Russian grapes supplied from Asian producers like Iran. Iran is one of the largest suppliers of the Russian grapes in the region of West Asia.

There also many different grape cultivars like the white grapes which exported to the country. Iran exports only the finest seedless grapes to the Russian markets which are perfect for fresh consumption. These grapes very well received and popular there, and are always in very high demands.

White grapes

Iranian Grape Sales in the Russian Market

Iranian high quality products like the white grapes are among the best options for the Russian markets. The most obvious reason is the high quality of these products. But there is also the matter of the short distance between the two countries and the sea border among them. This will allow for a lot of options in the transportation methods and will also reduce the costs.

These reduced expenses will make the whole trade more profitable and also reduce the final retail price which helps the sales. Also grapes are very fragile fruit and have a very short shelf life on the road or on the fruit markets. So as a result, they need to transferred from the vineyard to the markets as fast as possible, which is easier from a country like Iran.

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