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Iran’s apple fruit exporters

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Fruit production in IranExport fruit from IranIran's apple fruit exportersWhere does Iran rank in the world by apple production?Iran's apple pricebuy fresh apples online from Vitarad company
Iran's apple fruit exporters

There are more than 50 official fruits cultivated in Iran in different climates all over the country and in different seasons of the year. Iran’s apple fruit exporters also export to a lot of countries, and have a high demand due to the high quality and good taste of the Iranian apples.
Apples are one of the most popular and healthy fruits of the world. They also appear in different shapes, colors and flavors. They are produced at different times in different parts of the world.
Iranian apple around the world is very popular due to the good agricultural conditions in Iran, its high quality, its amazing flavor.

Iran's apple fruit exporters

Fruit production in Iran

Iran is the biggest producer of fruit in the Middle East and North Africa. Also Iran is the 8th biggest producer of the world. Fruit production in Iran includes Persian walnuts, pomegranates, melons, kiwis, citrus, dates, apples and others.
This amount of production and variety is due to various weather conditions. Topography and altitude in Iran, which brought its fruits with a good quality and amazing flavor. Iran’s apple fruit exporters also work with some of the finest farms in the country and sell their products.
Iran’s annual fruit production is around 16.5 million tons in more than 2.7 million hectares of land all over the vast country.

Iran's apple fruit exporters

Export fruit from Iran

Iran exports its fruit to more than 100 countries all over the globe every year. Iranian fruits have always been popular all over the world thanks to their organic nature and their amazing taste, quality. Iran also has all different types of fruit because of the different climates, and harvests in every season of the year, so the market is always busy.
Most of the Iranian fruit goes to Russia and the Arabian countries in the Middle East. But there are other importers worldwide.

Iran's apple fruit exporters

Iran’s apple fruit exporters

Due to the high demands, fruit production in Iran is currently increasing and helping the country’s economy. Iranian apple is also among the high demanding fruits in the international market. Iran’s apple fruit exporters, have exported a record breaking amount of 800000 tons of apples last year alone. Most of the Iranian apples Go to Middle Eastern countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkey. Some being exported to Russia and the European union.

Iran's apple fruit exporters

Where does Iran rank in the world by apple production?

There are more than 90 million tons of apples being produced every year worldwide. China is the largest producer of the fruit with 44.5 million tons annually. Iran stands in the 6th place with the annual production of 2.8 million tons. Most of this amount is consumed within the country. Other big apple producer countries are the United states, Poland, Turkey and India ranking from 2nd to 5th with 4.6, 3.6, 2.9, and 2.9 million tons of apple production, respectively.

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Iran’s apple price

Iran’s apple fruit exporters work with 24 countries of the world. The export amount has increase for more than 70% in the past years. Iran exported more than 145000 tons of apples last year with the value of millions of dollars.
However, with the advancements in technologies, it has become easier to harvest and package the products. Also shipping has become safer, cheaper and faster. So companies were able to reduce their prices and put their focus on the quality.

Iran's apple fruit exporters

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