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Iran’s kiwi exporters to Europe

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Iranian kiwi productionGreen kiwi and yellow kiwi for exportExport packing of kiwiIran's kiwi exportersVitarad fruit exporting companyKiwi Exports to Europe
Iran's kiwi exporters

Iran are among the few countries in the world that has the perfect climate and the infrastructure for producing high quality kiwis on a commercial scale. Iran’s kiwi exporters to Europe are trying to increase their sales and also expand their selling territory, with these high quality kiwis.

Thanks to different growing locations, kiwis can be in season year-round. But the kiwis in Iran are harvested in the second half of the year.  Kiwis have plenty of fiber, which is really good for digestion.  They also contain a proteolytic enzyme called actinide that can help break down protein. And are full of different vitamins including D in the seeds.

Iran's kiwi exporters

Iranian kiwi production

Iranian states of Mazandaran, Gulan, and Golestan have been producing high quality kiwis for decades now. Iran generates 300,000 tons of kiwi per year. It ranked among the countries producing kiwi in the world after Italy and New Zealand.

This amount of kiwis produced in over 8000 hectares of farms. And Mazandaran leads the way with more than 110000 tons every year. Gilan and Golestan, are the next biggest producers of kiwis with 70000, and 41000 tons of kiwis produced annually, respectively.

Iran’s kiwi exporters are working hard to send these high quality fruits, to all the corners of the world.

Iran's kiwi exporters

Green kiwi and yellow kiwi for export

Even though green kiwis have farmed in the north of Iran for decades. Yellow kiwis have become popular for a few years. Farmers in the northern states, especially Mazandaran have been trying to add yellow or golden kiwis to their products.

Right now, yellow kiwi production is much lower than the green types. But based on the markets interests, these figures could change in the future.

The most common green variety farmed in Iranian farms, is the Hayward kiwi.

Iran's kiwi exporters

Export packing of kiwi

You can harvest kiwis while unripe, like bananas. This method in convenient for shipments to far off places. But If you are exporting kiwis ripe, the packaging is very important and most done with many care.

The kiwi’s skin is very delicate and vulnerable to physical harms and bruises that can lower their quality and freshness. Iran’s kiwi exporters use boxes that can withstand these physical conditions. They also eliminate the air until the Kiwis stay fresh for a long time.

Iran's kiwi exporters

Iran’s kiwi exporters

Besides being Iran’s biggest producer, Mazandaran province is also the biggest exporter of these fruits, too. Last year alone, Iran exported more than 83000 tons of kiwis to 27 countries from all over the world. And made millions of dollars from it.

Russia is the biggest customer of the Iranian kiwis with accounting for more than 43000tons of the total kiwis exported. Iraq is the second biggest importer of these fruit followed by countries like UAE, Turkey, Oman, and India.

Iran's kiwi exporters

Vitarad fruit exporting company

Vitarad is one of the biggest Iranian fruit exporting companies. They export a variety of fruits and vegetables to all over the world. They are also among Iran’s kiwi exporters and sell these fruits mostly to neighboring countries.

Iranian kiwis are known as an International brand, and are in high demands in the foreign markets. These precious fruits are grown organic in hectares of farms in the north of Iran. And contain a lot of necessary nutrients and vitamins in them.

Iran's kiwi exporters

Kiwi Exports to Europe

Last year, with the increase in Iranian kiwi production, they started exporting fruit to European countries for the first time. There has been a 10% increase in the production last year and with good storage and packaging, Iranians manages to increase their kiwi exports.

Iran only uses about 50% of its kiwi production. The rest is set for export, which is a great help for the country’s economy. Most of the Iranian kiwis are harvested during the last months of autumn and winter.

There have been a lot of European companies interested in working with Iranian kiwis and adding them to their products.

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