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Kiwi export from Iran

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Kiwi buyers in the Middle EastHigh quality kiwi fruit of TaleshBest kiwi of TonekabonKiwi export to neighboring countriesPrice of Iranian kiwi
Kiwi export

Kiwis are very popular on the global scale these days, and are becoming more and more of an international trend. A lot of new countries are entering the kiwi business, but currently Iran is one of its largest producers in the world and many companies have annual Kiwi export from Iran.

Iran is the biggest producer of kiwis in the region, and its Kiwi export are essential to the neighboring countries in the region. Iranian kiwis very high quality and grown organically, which makes them perfect for exports. They are sent to more than 23 countries in the world for fresh consumption, and are always in very high demands on the markets.

Kiwi export

Kiwi buyers in the Middle East

The demands for kiwis in the Middle East are very high, because kiwis require cool and humid environments to grow, which are really rare in the Middle East. Iran produces large quantities of kiwis in its northern states near the Caspian Sea and is one of the biggest suppliers of the region.
Iran is also the 4th biggest producer of the fruit in the world, which allows it to dominate a big part of the global markets. Kiwi export from Iran supply the fruit markets of many Middle Eastern and neighboring countries like Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and Russia. The kiwis are a very valuable price in the Iranian agriculture and an important addition to the Iranian economy.

Kiwi export

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High quality kiwi fruit of Talesh

Talesh is a city in the west of Gilan province in the north of Iran and is a big kiwi producer in the country. This city located near the Caspian Sea and has the perfect humid climate for producing high quality kiwis. The kiwis produced in this city are of the highest quality and very popular for Kiwi export.
There are more than 2700 hectares of open kiwi farms in Talesh. They also expected to produce 63000 tons of high quality fresh kiwis every harvesting season. Kiwi farming is a very popular profession in these regions and each year, more and more farmers are producing kiwis.

Kiwi export

Best kiwi of Tonekabon

Mazandaran province is the capital of kiwis in Iran, and the city of Tonekabon is its biggest producer. There are more than 3500 hectares of active kiwi farms in this city. The city of Tonekabon located right under the Caspian Sea, which provides it with the humidity required for producing kiwis.
The annual production of this city exceeds 79000 tons, which I more than the production of many countries. Some farmers in the city have also been producing golden kiwis for a few years. A large part of the Iranian Kiwi export originated from this city, and there are plans to improve the production as well.

Kiwi export

Kiwi export to neighboring countries

Most of the Iranian Kiwi export, are to the neighboring countries in West Asia. China is the biggest producer of kiwis in the world which supplies the east Asian markets. The European countries also supplied by big regional producers like Italy.
Iran on the other hand is the biggest producer of kiwis in the Middle East, ad single handedly dominates these markets. Iranian kiwis are also very popular in these markets and many countries like Iraq and Russia import them on very large scales. There is some minor Kiwi export to European and North American countries each year.

Kiwi export

Price of Iranian kiwi

Iranian Kiwi export go to many different markets from all over the world. And can have different prices in each area. The most important indicator of the prices is the kiwi’s cultivar. Hayward kiwis the most famous internationally recognized kiwi cultivars. Also account for the biggest part of the Iranian products as well. Since their popularity, they have a set international reference price. Also the kiwi markets are very competitive.
eIranian kiwis harvested in the autumn. Which is the same time as the harvesting season of the big European producers. And this makes the markets more competitive for Iran. All these new producers are trying to present the markets with more quality and lower prices.

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