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Kiwi exporters in Iran

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Kiwi production in IranIranian Kiwi exportsKiwi fruit in plastic basketPackaging Kiwi Fruits In CartonKiwi exporters in IranWholesale price of kiwi
Kiwi exporters in Iran

The northern states of Iran have the perfect climate for growing kiwis and they are considered as one of the most important farming goods, there. Kiwi exporters in Iran also work with the farmers to distribute their products in the local markets and also export them to foreign countries.
Kiwifruit harvested at the pre climacteric stage, to ensure the longest possible storage and transport life. The best way of determining the stage of ripeness of the kiwis, is the color, size and the firmness of the fruit. Ripening may greatly accelerated by storing the kiwis in a closed room together with fruit which produces large quantities of ethylene

Kiwi exporters in Iran

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Kiwi production in Iran

Iranian farmers have been producing kiwis for more than 30 years. Kiwi is only grown in the northern states of Iran, right under the Caspian Sea coast. Kiwis were introducing to Iran in the 1980s, when the citrus farmers of Iran in the Northern states, wanted some fruit that is more tolerant of the cold weather than the oranges they originally produced, and finally decided on kiwis. Iran is the 4th biggest producer of kiwis in the world after China, Italy, and New Zealand, with the annual production of 294400 tons over more than 8000 hectares of land. Also there are a lot of companies that are kiwi exporters in Iran and send this fruit to the international markets.

Kiwi exporters in Iran

Iranian Kiwi exports

Despite being the 4th biggest producer of kiwis in the world, Iran is only the 8th biggest exporter of this fruit worldwide. Most of the Iranian Kiwis distributed and consumed within the country. With big International rivals such as Italy and New Zealand, biggest customers of the Iranian kiwi are Russia and Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, which buy their kiwis fresh from Iran. Iranian kiwi fruits are also mostly organic and have really high quality and amazing taste.

Kiwi exporters in Iran

Kiwi fruit in plastic basket

Most of the plastic baskets made from Polypropylene. Its a great product to transport kiwis from farmer’s markets to the local stores. These plastic baskets are also a real cheap option and do not weight much. So they make the transportation easier too. The biggest problem with them, is the environmental effects and problems that are common with using plastic. Most kiwi exporters in Iran use these plastic baskets to transport their fruit to the markets.

Kiwi exporters in Iran

Packaging Kiwi Fruits In Carton

The first steps in packaging kiwis are quality control, sorting, and weighing. The kiwis separated by their color, symmetricity, shape and degree of ripeness. Kiwis then put into cardboard boxes for international shipping. These boxes made in a way that allow the least amount of contact between the kiwis and open air. Its to keep them fresh for longer periods of time. They also should be strong enough to protect the fruit from physical harms and deformations.

Kiwi exporters in Iran

Kiwi exporters in Iran

Most of the Iranian kiwis produced in the northern states of Guilan and Mazandaran. These northern states placed under the Caspian Sea and have maritime boundaries with Russia. This fact makes exporting to Russia easier. Russia is also the biggest customer of the Iranian kiwi fruit as well. Also Russia interested in expanding the business with Iran. A lot of local fruit companies are acting as kiwi exporters in Iran and sell the kiwis to Russia and other countries.

Kiwi exporters in Iran

Wholesale price of kiwi

The wholesale prices of kiwi fruit, affected by a lot of factors and conditions in the international markets. The most important factor is the type of kiwis being sold, as there are different species. The season of the harvest is also important. Because the peak of the harvest is a limited time, and kiwis picked during that period of time have a higher quality and a better taste to them. The climate of the farming region is also affecting the kiwi quality, and subsequently, its price. Also in international markets, the costs of packaging, distribution, security and labor also added to the final price.