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Kiwi exports to Georgia

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Why is Kiwi a popular fruit in the world?The annual consumption of kiwi in GeorgiaKiwi extensive production in IranKiwi exports from IranThe price of Persian kiwi in Georgia
Kiwi exports

Kiwis have become really popular in the world over the past few decades and many countries like Georgia are importing large quantities to supply their markets. The biggest West Asian producer of the fruits is Iran which every year, has a lot of kiwi exports to Georgia and other countries of the region.

Kiwis are one of the most popular and healthy exotic fruits in the world, and the kiwi exports are constantly on the rise. Kiwis produced by Iran on a very large commercial scale, and enjoyed in both the local and international markets. Many Iranian and foreign fruit companies offer the Iranian high quality kiwis among their international exports.

Kiwi exports

Why is Kiwi a popular fruit in the world?

Well, the consumption of kiwis have become a popular world trend only recently, ad resulted in the increase of production and kiwi exports. Besides looking nice and tasting delicious, kiwis are actually very healthy. They are a great source of vitamin C, which is a natural anti-oxidant and can help regulate the body’s immune system.
Also the black seeds of the kiwis are rich in vitamin D that is very rare among fruits and vegetables. There have also been studies that linked the usage of kiwis with the regulation of blood pressure and prevention of heart diseases. Overall, they are a new international fruit, which both looks fun and delicious, and is also very healthy.

Kiwi exports

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The annual consumption of kiwi in Georgia

Kiwis are a popular product on the international markets these days and their popularity is increasing every day. Georgia like any other country has a lot of kiwi consumption. The production of kiwis in this country is not enough and they have to rely of kiwi exports to supply their markets.
The best and the closest option for the Georgian markets are the kiwis from Iran. These high quality products can easily supply the markets and are actually close by. This will save a lot of time and money during the transportation stages and can help to reduce the final market price of the kiwis.

Kiwi exports

Kiwi extensive production in Iran

The production of kiwis just started in Iran over 30 years ago. It was brought in from china as a product to replace orange production in the northern states of Iran, which were too sensitive to the cold. They quickly adapted to the environment and became one of the most popular agricultural products on the north of the country.
Iran is currently the 4th biggest producer of kiwis in the world and has a lot of kiwi exports. It produces almost 300000 tons of kiwis which made it the 2nd biggest producer of kiwis in Asia. Most of the Iranian kiwis are from the green Hayward cultivar.

Kiwi exports

Kiwi exports from Iran

Iran exports kiwis to many different countries as one of its main agricultural products. Iranian kiwi exports sent mostly to Middle Eastern and neighboring countries like Georgia. The biggest importers of these kiwis are Russia, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirate.
Iranian kiwis very popular in these markets and very well received as one of the highest quality products. These neighboring countries do not have a kiwi production of their own and forced to import. Kiwis require humid climates in order to grow, and these climates found in the northern states of Iran.

Kiwi exports

The price of Persian kiwi in Georgia

Georgia accounts for a large part of the Persian kiwi exports from Iran. They are a neighboring country of Iran in the north west, and this short distance will help the exports. The short distance will decrease the transportation costs, and subsequently the final market prices of the kiwis. Also since Iranian kiwis grown organically, they do not receive any chemical preservatives.
So they have a shorter shelf life and this short distance will help to get them to the markets in time. There a lot of different types of kiwis produced in Iran as well. Which have different characteristics and prices. The most common kiwi cultivar in the world is the green Hayward. And also a big part of the Iranian kiwis.

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