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Mango sales in Middle Eastern countries

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The Benefits of Eating MangoAmong all kinds of fruits, mango is a delicious fruitMango has many uses in the food industryMango Buyers in the Middle EastMango sales in fruit markets
Mango sales

Most tropical fruits have a really good and blooming market in the Middle East region and most of the top mango exporting countries, target these markets. Also, top mango producers of the world are located in Asia, which makes mango sales in Middle Eastern countries much easier for them.

Mangoes considered by some people to be the kings of the fruits and mango sales have become an international trend these days. They are a juicy sweet tropical fruit and are full of different nutrients and energy. Their high energy content makes them an ideal snack for people of all ages, and they have also got many useful benefits for heart health.

Mango sales

The Benefits of Eating Mango

All of the amazing nutrients and benefits of these fruits, made them popular all over the world and mango males are going through the roof on the international markets. The fruit packs over a dozen types of anti-oxidants that can prevent degenerative diseases, including type 2 diabetes and averaged sized mango also contains about a quarter of the daily target for vitamin A.

They are also rich in vitamin C, which is a natural immune system booster. There are also many studies that link the consumption of mangoes to weight loss and less blood sugar. This makes them suitable for people on diets or diabetes patients.

Mango sales

Among all kinds of fruits, mango is a delicious fruit

There are many different types of mangoes with different colors, sizes, and characteristics grown all over the world. The climate of the producing city will have large effects on the harvesting time and the mangoes themselves. But all of these mangoes have got something in common, and that is being a juicy sweet fruit.

This delicious sweet flesh made them a popular choice for people of all ages and increased the global mango sales. More and more countries are producing mangoes every year. Also most experts predict that the global mango market will expand in the near future.

Mango sales

Mango has many uses in the food industry

Besides being a big part of the fresh consumption markets, a large portion of the mango sales also goes to the food industry. You can see more and more mango flavored products in the stores near you. A lot of factories import 2nd or 3rd grade mangoes to make extracts from. These extracts are used in a wide variety of sections in the food industry.

The increased public awareness about the benefits of these fruits, along with their amazing taste has helped the industry grow a lot. There are also a lot of direct side products like juices and jellies made from these amazing tropical fruits.

Mango sales

Mango Buyers in the Middle East

Middle East has got one of the hottest markets for the tropical fruits and mango sales are really high here. This is because of the fact that most of these countries do not have tropical climates ad can’t grow mangoes themselves. As a result, they need to supply their markets from the big producers of the world.

The top five mango producers of the world are located in Asia. This short distance will reduce the transportation costs and helps to reduce the mango prices in the Middle Eastern fruit markets. It will also allow for the products to reach their destinations as fresh as possible.

Mango sales

Mango sales in fruit markets

In today’s world, mango sales are a big part of most legitimate fruit markets in the world. According to stats by FAO, over the past ten years, the global market has grown by 5% annually. Approximately 1.8 million tons of mangoes were traded worldwide last year alone. Most of the global mango production concentrated in Asia.

But there are a lot of tropical South American countries like Ecuador, which are expanding their mango production. Even Australia is farming mangoes commercially and is looking forward for a good share of the future global fruit markets. There more than 40 million tons of mangoes are produced around the world every year, and this amount will increase in the near future.

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