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Mango’s average price in Iran

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Mango consumption in IranImportant mango producer countriesMango imports to IranThe average price of imported mangoes to IranMango's average price in Iranian markets
Mango's average price

Iran is among the mango importing countries of the world, because of the lack of the appropriate climates to grow and cultivate the fruit, itself. Mango’s average price in Iran is higher than the mango producing countries of the world, and there are a lot of factors that affect the final market price.

Mangoes are among the world’s top produced tropical fruits, which have gained serious popularity all around the world over the past few decades and are now found everywhere. They are also extremely healthy and are considered as a great source of energy. Mango’s average price in the world is different in every region and is lower in producing countries.

Mango's average price

Mango consumption in Iran

Mangoes were unknown to Iranians a few decades ago, but recently, with the ease of transportation, they have been able to fine their place in the Iranian diets and lifestyles. These days they are found in all the states of Iran and there are large amounts of imports every year.

The consumption of mangoes have also increased in Iran over the last ten years. There are more than 20000 tons of mangoes being exported to Iran every year. The most popular variety of mango in Iran is also the Alphonso specie that is considered by many as the best. Mango’s average prices in Iran are also becoming more and more affordable with the rise of imports.

Mango's average price

Important mango producer countries

India is the biggest name in the mango industry of the world, because it produces more than half of the world’s mangoes. Even though India is the biggest producer of the world, it is not its biggest exporter. This is because of the importance of mangoes in the Indian cuisine that most of the mangoes consumed within the country.

The mango’s average price in this country is also a lot lower than other countries of the world. Other big producers of this fruit include China, Indonesia, and Thailand. There are also some mango production in the South American countries with Mexico being the largest.

Mango's average price

Mango imports to Iran

Iran imports almost all of the mangoes that used for fresh consumption within the country. The biggest exporter of mangoes to Iran is the neighboring country of Pakistan. The Pakistani mango’s average price is also lower because of the short distance between the two countries.

There are also some amounts of imports from East Asian countries like Thailand and Philippines. India is also another big supplier of the Iranian mango markets thanks to its high amount of production. The Iranian mango market is showing a lot of promise for the future and there are a lot of opportunities for investments.

Mango's average price

The average price of imported mangoes to Iran

Iran is one of the biggest mango importers in Asia and the region, and does not have any production of its own. Most of the Iranian mangoes also imported from Asian and neighboring countries like Pakistan. This is because of the short distance between these countries which will result in lower transportation costs.

These lower transportation costs will assure lower market prices and make the whole trade more convenient. There are also some mango imports from South American countries. These mangoes’ average prices are usually higher due to the more expensive shipping process.

Mango's average price

Mango’s average price in Iranian markets

There are a lot of different indicating factors at play, in setting the mango’s average price in Iranian markets. First of all, there are hundreds of different varieties of mangoes with different qualities ad prices. Alphonso mangoes considered by many as the best and usually have a higher market price. Another important factor would be the season of the import.

Mangoes are like any other fruit, seasonal and the amount of production in the time of the year, will for sure have some effect on the wholesale and retail prices. The most important indicating factor is also the shipping costs which will increase with the distance. That’s why Iran imports most of its mangoes from neighboring and Asian countries.

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