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Pakistani banana import prices

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Banana cultivation in Punjab PakistanPakistani banana buyer countriesBanana exports from Pakistan to neighboring countriesBanana import pricesImport Banana to Iran by Vitarad company
Banana import prices

Bananas the biggest widely consumed fruits in the world with the annual production amount of 150 million tons, and most tropical countries are producing them. Pakistan is among the big producers and many countries are supplying their bananas from them according to Pakistani banana import prices.

Pakistan is one of the main producers and suppliers of bananas in west Asian with affordable banana import prices. Many of the west Asian countries import large quantities of bananas from Pakistan every year. Like India, bananas are also an important part of the Pakistani cuisine and culture, and overall very important to the country’s economy and people.

Banana import prices

Banana cultivation in Punjab Pakistan

Punjab is a vast tropical region in the east of Pakistan and the north of India which produces some of the best bananas in the world. Bananas recently introduced to the region’s farmers as a more profitable product to replace rice farming. Bananas are now one of the main products of the region and account for more than 20% of the farms there.
They are very profitable for the region and the banana import prices for the products of this region is high due to their quality. All this high quality is because of the perfect tropical climate of the region and the good soil. Banana cultivation in Punjab is now part of the region’s economy and lifestyle.

Banana import prices

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Pakistani banana buyer countries

As Pakistan is one of the biggest producers of bananas in the Central Asia, a lot of countries interested in their products. Pakistan is the number on supplier of Afghanistan’s banana markets. Iran is also a big importer of the fruit and almost all of the Pakistani bananas are sent to these two countries. There are some exports to European countries like Netherlands and Norway.
Also other Asian customers of the Pakistani bananas are Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. The Pakistani banana import prices is different for each of these countries, but lower for the neighboring buyers.

Banana import prices

Banana exports from Pakistan to neighboring countries

Pakistan has a lot of tropical lands which are perfect for producing high quality bananas. Also creating and managing banana plantations is a very profitable business and good for the country’s economy. Because of these facts, Pakistan produces a lot of high quality bananas which are enough for exports.
Pakistan located on the west of India which is the biggest producer of bananas in the world. So, most of the Pakistani bananas exported to western and Middle Eastern countries like Iran. The banana import prices are set according to the destination country and shipping method.

Banana import prices

Banana import prices

Banana import prices is not the same every year and can have dramatic changes based on many factors. The bananas imported to Iran from the Asian producers are much cheaper. This is because of their high amount of production and the short distances.
The importers buy the bananas wholesale and will have to pay less for the transportation process, and in this way the overall process will be much more profitable. Bananas of Ecuador are more expensive because of the distance. There are also a lot of different types of bananas in the world with different qualities and different prices.

Banana import prices

Import Banana to Iran by Vitarad company

Because of the large amounts of banana imports by Iran which exceeds half a million ton, a lot of big and small fruit companies attracted to this trade. Importing bananas to Iran is a really big industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Vitarad is among the most known and professional companies trading bananas to Iran. This company imports its bananas from many different producers.
Most of these imports are done from India, Pakistan, Philippines and other big producers of the world. The bananas imported and distributed to all the different cities of Iran by the company in the fastest way possible. Bananas import prices are also very different based on the exporting country and distance.