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Persian red Pomegranate fruit sellers

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Iran produces sour and sweet pomegranatesCountries that buy Iranian pomegranateRed Pomegranate Export from IranRed Pomegranate fruit sellersThe price of Persian red pomegranate
Pomegranate fruit sellers

Pomegranates originate from Iran, and to date, Iran remains the biggest producer of this fruit in the world followed closely by India. There are a lot of active Persian red Pomegranate fruit sellers companies in Iran that export these high quality Iranian product to many countries of the world.

Pomegranates are a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants, not to mention fiber and anti-inflammatory properties. There are also a lot of studies that connects their consumption with the prevention of many different diseases like heart attacks. Iranian Pomegranate fruit sellers export this amazing fruit on large quantities to many different destinations.

Pomegranate fruit sellers

Iran produces sour and sweet pomegranates

Right now iran contains 12 different types of climates. And some of them are perfect for producing some of the highest quality sweet and sour pomegranates in the world. So Iran produces around 28% of the world’s pomegranates and most pomegranate farms in Iran do not use any chemical fertilizer or insecticide.
Pomegranates are a very high value crop and the entire process of producing pomegranates is of the greatest importance. Pomegranate fruit sellers in Iran help the country’s economy very much. Thus at the global level, Iran is the world’s largest producer and exporter of pomegranates. There are around 57000 hectares of active pomegranate farms in Iran.

Pomegranate fruit sellers

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Countries that buy Iranian pomegranate

Pomegranates are one of the most expensive and valuable fruits harvested in the Iranian farms and the Pomegranate fruit sellers export a large part of them. According to the Iranian officials, every 5 kilos of pomegranates are worth about a barrel of oil. So they are a great part of the Iranian economy and are very important.
A lot of different countries buy and import Iranian pomegranates for different purposes. Most of them are exported to the markets for fresh consumption. There are also some that use the pomegranate seeds to make high quality oils that have a lot of benefits.

Pomegranate fruit sellers

Red Pomegranate Export from Iran

Iranian Pomegranate fruit sellers export large quantities of the fruit to many countries. Iran has lots and lots of pomegranate exports to many countries of the world in different continents like Asia and Europe. Some of the main importers of the Iranian pomegranates are South Korea, Russia, and China.
The biggest Middle Eastern importers of the fruit also include Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. The Iranian local pomegranate cultivars are of the highest quality and a perfect fruit for fresh consumption. Some other countries like US are also harvesting Iranian local cultivars.

Pomegranate fruit sellers

Red Pomegranate fruit sellers

There are a lot of big and small fruit companies in Iran that act as Pomegranate fruit sellers. Iran is the main supplier of pomegranates in the Middle East and west Asian regions. So as a result, a lot of importing countries interested in the high quality pomegranates of Iran.
There are two types of Iranian pomegranates which sweet and sour and are used for different purposes. The sweet pomegranates generally used for fresh consumption and considered as table fruits. Also the sour types on the other hand mostly used in the Iranian dishes and is also used to make extracts.

Pomegranate fruit sellers

The price of Persian red pomegranate

Pomegranate fruit sellers in Iran have to set the prices according to many different conditions. Since Iran is the biggest producer of pomegranates in the world, it also dominates a big part of the export market. Iran produces around 800000 tons of pomegranates every year and after satisfying the local markets’ needs, the rest goes for exports.
So the amount of the annual production plays a very important role in the final price of Iranian pomegranates for exports. The higher the production of the year, the lower the final price of the pomegranates will be. Also the type of the pomegranates is very important in setting the price. Sweet pomegranates generally more expensive as they used for fresh consumption.

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