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Price per ton of Iranian apples for export

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Various colors of Iranian tree applePicking apples from the treesThe purchase price per ton of apples from the farmerIranian apples for exportThe price of Iranian apple in the global market
Iranian apples for export

Iran exports apples to many countries of the world, mainly in the Middle East region, and apples are among the most popular and largest agricultural products of this country. There are also many different varieties of apples in Iran and the price per ton of Iranian apples for export is different in each case.

Many fruit companies in the country offer Iranian apples for exports every year, as a main part of their products and services. Iranian apples are very delicious and high quality, and will quickly become a best-selling part of every international fruit market. They are also full of different nutrients and minerals such as anti-oxidants and vitamin C.

Iranian apples for export

Various colors of Iranian tree apple

There are more than 100 official cultivars of apples grown in the country, but only a few are among the Iranian apples for export, and are traded internationally. Most of the Iranian apples are red, green, and yellow, and come from internationally popular cultivars.

There more than 3.7 million tons of apples produced in the country every year, and around 1 million tons of that is from the yellow Golden Delicious cultivar. There are also 1.2 million tons of Red Delicious apples produced in the farms of Iran. Another popular red apple cultivar is the Fuji. The most popular green apples grown in Iran are also Granny Smith’s apples.

Iranian apples for export

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Picking apples from the trees

There are many different types of Iranian apples and all of them has got their own harvesting time. But most of the Iranian apples for exports harvested from the trees in the months of autumn every year. These apples picked from the trees with much care and attention.

Apples which are set for exports are very delicate and must handled with care in order to keep their appearance. The same goes for the packaging process, and the boxes made in a certain way to provide this support. Companies also make the boxes from cardboard and plastic in different capacities.

Iranian apples for export

The purchase price per ton of apples from the farmer

Most of the fruit companies in the country which offer Iranian apples for export, supply their products from farmers. They usually get the best and freshest Iranian apple directly from the farmers or local markets. They are then sent for storage and proper packaging.

Most of the Iranian apple farms producing grade A apples located in north west and west of Iran. The West Azerbaijan state is the biggest producer of fresh apples in the country and accounts for a large portion of the country’s products. Also the vast majority of these apples are from Red and Golden Delicious cultivars.

Iranian apples for export

Iranian apples for export

Iran is the main supplier of apples in the Middle East, which makes it one of the largest apple exporters in the world as well. Iranian apples for export are high quality and delicious, and very popular on the neighboring fruit markets. Most neighboring countries, look at Iran as the main apple supplier of their markets.

The United Arab Emirates is the largest Middle Eastern importer of Iranian apples. There are also lots of apple exports to neighboring countries like Pakistan, Russia, and Iraq. Iranian apples will usually appear in the markets from September and are available for a few months.

Iranian apples for export

The price of Iranian apple in the global market

There are many different fruit companies in the country that are offering Iranian apples for exports, in various conditions. As like any other fruit, each case is different and has got its own prices. The most important factor in setting the international prices of the apples is their cultivar. Fortunately for Iran, most of the apple produced in the country are from well-known international cultivars.

These apples are much more popular on the international markets and sold on a good price. Also, the transportation costs and the distance of the importer country could affect the prices of the apples in their markets. A big part of every export and import is the transportation costs which will increase with distance.

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