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Prices of Iranian Red Delicious apples for export

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Apple is a popular fruit in the worldWhat is the use of red apples?High quality Iranian Red Delicious applesPrices per ton of Red Delicious applesExports of Red Delicious apples from Iran
Red Delicious apples

Red Delicious are the most common among the Iranian apple cultivars and account for more than a million ton of the Iranian apple product every year. The prices of Iranian Red Delicious apples for exports also different in each case based on the harvesting and transportation conations.

Red Delicious apple are really popular on the international scales and are among the top 5 common apple cultivars in the world. They produced in many regions of the world, and heavily traded between lots of countries. Apples of the Red Delicious cultivar are also among the healthiest apples and are rich in many different nutrients and vitamins.

Red Delicious apples

Apple is a popular fruit in the world

Apples are one of the most popular fruits in the world, and there more than 89 million tons of fresh apples produced in the world every year. Iran is also among the top 10 apple producers of the world and has more than 3.7 million tons of apple production every year.

Also around 1.2 million tons of these apples are from the amazing Red Delicious apples which also account for a large part of the apple exports as well. China is the largest producer of these fruits by producing more than 44 million tons every year. There are also a lot of apple production in Europe and North America. Iran on the other hand, is the largest producer in the Middle East region.

Red Delicious apples

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What is the use of red apples?

Red Delicious apples are the most popular apple cultivar in the world and are the top product of many countries including Iran. They commonly used for fresh consumption all over the world. There are also some people which use them is making pastries and pies. They come in a vibrant red color, and have a sweet firm flesh which makes them perfect for eating raw.

They also mostly produced in the Northern Hemisphere and are more common among Asian producers. The harvesting season of these amazing fruits starts from the beginning of autumn and last a few months.

Red Delicious apples

High quality Iranian Red Delicious apples

The Red Delicious apples of Iran are among the best in the world. They mostly produced by using eh traditional organic methods which do not use any chemical pesticides and preservatives. This lack of chemicals will allow the consumers to enjoy the apples without the need to peel the skins.

Also Red Delicious of Iran come in a vibrant red color and has perfect skin quality. The flesh of the fruit is also extremely firm, juicy and sweet which creates a pleasurable experience for the consumers. These apples are mostly grown in northwest Iran on large commercial scales.

Red Delicious apples

Prices per ton of Red Delicious apples

There many different prices for the Red Delicious apples produced in Iran. But overall, this cultivar is among the top quality fruits which commonly used for fresh consumption all over the world. Like most top shelf fruit, they have a higher price than the common medium quality apples.

There are also some second grade apples which either not exported or used to make side products. Many foreign countries import these apples to make side products like juices ad extracts. These apples also used for cooking, and can used in many confectionaries all over the world.

Red Delicious apples

Exports of Red Delicious apples from Iran

More than 3% of the world’s apples produced in Iran, and around 1% of the global trades also done by this country. As it was said before, Iran is the biggest producer of these fruits in the Middle East region. Exporting apple is a million-dollar industry for Iran and very important for the country’s economy.

Red Delicious apples of Iran are particularly popular among the Middle Eastern markets. The largest importer of these Iranian apples is the United Arab Emirates with the importing of more than 58% of the apples. Next on the list is the neighboring country of Pakistan with the import of nearly 25% of the total Iranian apple for exports. There are some minor exports to Europe as well.