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Prices per ton of sweet peppers for export

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Best types of sweet peppers for saleWhy are sweet peppers good for you?Prices per ton of sweet peppersPackaged sweet peppers for exportSweet pepper export
sweet peppers for export

Iran is the largest producer of sweet peppers in the Middle East and sells a large portion of its products to neighboring countries in the region every year. The prices per ton of sweet peppers for export from Iran mostly depends on the peppers’ color ad type, and the destination country.

Bell peppers are one of the most common vegetables in the world and many countries are producing large quantities of sweet peppers for export. The different colors of these bell peppers have made them very popular and people can use them to design their food. They are also full of different nutrients like vitamin C which is really good for the body.

sweet peppers for export

Best types of sweet peppers for sale

Many different types of bell peppers produced in farms and greenhouses of Iran, and the country offers thousands of tons of these sweet peppers for export. Bell peppers are among the vegetables which adapt to many different climates and can grown in greenhouses as well.

This greenhouse production can be very beneficial for the local producers and exporters within the country. First of all, greenhouses use less water and have a higher production rate. Also, as a result of this controlled environment, they will be available all year long. This will make their exports constant and the companies can always supply the markets.

sweet peppers for export

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Why are sweet peppers good for you?

Bell peppers are so full of different nutrients, that some people are ranking them among the world’s healthiest foods. Bell peppers are mainly made up of water and carbs, and are also a great source of dietary fiber. This will create a filling experience for the consumer and can be helpful in weight loss.

Vitamins and minerals found in bell peppers include vitamin K1, vitamin E, vitamin A, folate, and potassium. Bell peppers contain many healthy antioxidants, which are essential for the heart’s wellbeing. Every year, Oran offers lots of these healthy sweet peppers for export.

sweet peppers for export

Prices per ton of sweet peppers

The wholesale prices of the Iranian sweet peppers for export are different in each case. Generally, the red and orange bell peppers are more expensive than the green types. This is because of the fact that green bell peppers the immature unripe versions, and will turn red when fully grown.

So. Red bell peppers have to stay on the plant for longer and that means higher production costs, hence the higher price. There are also differences between the prices of greenhouse and open farm products. But overall, bell peppers moderately priced and are affordable to the vast majority of people.

sweet peppers for export

Packaged sweet peppers for export

The packaging process of these sweet peppers for export is a very delicate and important step. As it was told, Iranian bell peppers mostly grown organically. This means that no chemical preservatives used in order to extend their shelf lives. And sweet bell peppers have got a short shelf life of around 14 days, and must packaged and shipped very fast.

On the other hand, if the packages air sealed and have the ability to protect the peppers from heat, they will be able to naturally extend their shelf lives. So as you can see, bell pepper exports would not be possible without proper packaging.

sweet peppers for export

Sweet pepper export

Most of the large and famous Iranian fruit trading companies offer sweet peppers for export among their products. These Iranian sweet peppers are a popular product of most international fruit markets in the region. The United Arab Emirates is the largest importer of Iranian bell peppers with around 49% of the total exports.

Russia and Oman are also large customers with more than 20% of imports each. As it is clear, more than 90% of the Iranian bell peppers exported within the Middle East. They are the best option for these importer countries in terms of availability, prices and most importantly, quality. There are also small amounts of sweet bell pepper exports to some European countries.

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