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products price

In this section, we try to inform you about the prices of some of our export products. Anyone who works in different business areas definitely knows that the price of any commodity in the domestic market is different from that of for export.

For example, if you are working in the field of apple exports, you know well that the apple sold in the market cannot have the quality required for export and needs to be resorted and repacked. Therefore, the final price for the export will increase.

products price

Due to its extensive activities in the field of fruits and vegetables, Vitarad company has been able to export various products to foreign markets from different parts of the country.

The products of this company for export include:




Bell pepper




And other products

products price

Now, a determined price should be given to the customers for each of these products based on each quality.

Before giving the price to his customers, every trader analyzes the domestic market price and then estimates his side fees for export.

products price

For example, due to the diverse quality of the tree, and also the difference of its quality in different parts of the country, it should be recognized whether the apple which is going to be exported, has been taken from gardens in the foothills or not.


Its side fees should be calculated.

Side fees after purchasing in the fridge:

* Resorting

* Export carton box

* Wastes from the resorting

* Labor costs for packing

* Land or sea transportation costs

* Costs of staffing, clearance

products price

Product prices in the domestic market:

If you are looking for the price of each of these products in the Iranian market, despite the fact that no fixed price can be offered, we will periodically offer these prices to our respected customers.

* Apple is usually sold from 0.30$ to 1$ in Tehran market.

* The price of yellow and red raisin grapes ranges from 1$ to 4$

* Kiwi price ranges from 0.70$ to 2$

* Pomegranate price ranges from 1$ to 2$

* The price of bell peppers ranges from 2.5$ to 3$

* Greenhouse cucumber prices range from 1.5$ to 2.5$

* Depending on the quality and the country it is harvested from banana prices          vary from 1$ to 2.5$

* Indian mango price ranges from 1$ to 3$

products price

But as mentioned, in addition to the fact that fruits like mango and banana are considered as imported products, other fruits and vegetables for export also need price and you can contact the experts of this company to get the main purchase price of each of these products.