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Other Products:

We’ve added other products to our exporting company since 2013. Most of our business in this area began with apples. Our specialty at Vitarad trading company is fall apples, which can be farmed from September. The list of these apple are as follows:
Red Lebanese apples (Red Delicious)
Yellow Lebanese apples (Golden Delicious)
Green French apples (Granny Smith’s)
Other apples such as Gala, Fuji, and Jonathan are also a part of our activities. But the amount of farming for these species in our country is low.



Exporting Grapes:

Exporting grapes is also another part of our annual activities. Our farming takes place from different parts in different times and are exported to foreign markets.
Green Seedless Raisin Grape
Red Seedless Raisin Grape
Persian Pikami Grape
Kondori Grape
Rish Baba Grape
Shahroud Grape
Qara Shani Grape
All of these species are harvested in a specific region of the country and some are seedless and some are with seed.


Single Seed Cherry:

Single seed cherry is one of the most expensive fruits in both internal and international markets. Mashhad, Urmia, Oshnavieh, Tehran, and Karaj are the leading producers. For big exporting orders, please contact our professional support line. Some of the regions, have extraordinary characteristics in terms of size, color and quality. Our company follows the international exporting standards and will be beside you dear costumers in all the steps.


Peach and Nectarine:

Peaches and Nectarines come from the same family and have the highest rate of production in our country. Specially Nectarine that can be grown in different regions of Iran.
There are different types of nectarines, but the two most common types for export are Shabrang and Moqan Nectarines.
Moqan nectarines are bigger than the Shabrangs and have a better quality. They are usually kept in the freezer for two months after the harvest, and this fact makes them more popular in foreign markets.
We always have this fruit in stock till the end of the summer, and sometimes we can sell them until the second month of fall too.


Exporting Kiwi:

After apples, kiwi is the second most exported fruit in our company. This fruit only grows in regions with high humidity. That’s why the states of Guilan and Mazandaran are the biggest producers in the country.
This fruit is ready for harvest at the end of September when the water and sugar in the fruit are completed. A lot of countries are interested in the fruit in that time.

Countries Importing Iranian Kiwi:
• Russia
• India
• Kazakhstan
• Ukraine
• United Arab Emirates
• Turkey
• Qatar
• Oman
• Kuwait
• And some other countries…
Due to the raise of exports in recent years, farmers in these regions have expanded their productions.
Cities of Tonkabon in Mazandaran, and Talesh in Guilan are the leading producers of kiwi. The difference between the two are in shelf life and quality.
Talesh’s kiwi has always had a bigger size and is suitable for costumers looking for big fruits. On the other hand, even though Tonkabon’s kiwis are smaller, they have a longer expiry date and can be kept in freezers for up to 2 or 3 months after spring and their qualities wouldn’t change.



Iranian Oranges are in high demand due to being organic and their amazing taste. Most of Iranian oranges are farmed in northern and southern states.
Orange varieties in Iran:
• Valencia
• Thompson• Another type that is called “northern orange” here, and is traded under this name.



Like many other fruits in Iran, plums come in different types. The most popular and exported types are: Californian and Shablon plums.
Before anything, different varieties of plums are as follows:
Mirabelle Plum
Santa Rosa Plum
Akhtari Plum
• Shablon Plum
• Khaki Plum
• Californian Plum
Even though plums are summer fruits, each of these species has a different harvesting time, and comes to the market in a different month.
All types of these plums are really popular in the markets and sell fast. The two most popular types are Californian and Shablon plums.


Exporting Cucumber:

Cucumbers have the biggest part in the company’s export and the most common types are:
Dotted Cucumber
Vine Cucumber
Based on the information published by the Iranian customs, Dotted Greenhouse cucumber had the most amount of farming in Yazd province and was also the most exported. An average amount of 20 containers a day, have been exported.
Common cucumbers also have two types:
Greenhouse Cucumbers
Vine Cucumbers
Greenhouse cucumbers have also been exported along with the dotted types. Russia had the biggest share in the cucumber import from Iran and is one of this company’s target countries.



After cucumbers, the tomato export of the farms and greenhouses of Iran, has been increased. This product is farmed mostly in the states of Isfahan and Alborz. Iran has the annual income of 2 million dollars from exporting tomatoes.
States in Iran which have tomato greenhouses are:
• Isfahan
• Hormozgan
• Alborz
• East Azerbaijan
• Kerman
• Yazd
• Markazi
There are different types of tomatoes being farmed in these states. Some of the most common species are:
Dafnis Tomatoes
Izmir Tomatoes
Captain Tomatoes
Cluster Tomatoes
Olive Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes
Vine tomatoes also come in different varieties, and the most common are 8320 and Matin types.


Exporting Eggplant:

In the “Other Products” section, Eggplants have a good demand in foreign markets, especially Russia. State of Kerman has the highest eggplant harvest in Iran.
• Japanese Eggplants
• Italian Eggplants
Are the two most common varieties on eggplants farmed in Iran, and are exported to countries such as:
• Russia
• Ukraine
• Kazakhstan
• United Arab Emirates
• Qatar
• Kuwait
• Oman
• Iraq



Watermelon is the only Iranian fruit that has been exported to the European Union in the past few years. This fruit, which had the highest sales in exports, comes in two types of round and oval.
Some countries prefer the round, and some prefer the oval type.
These different types, also effect the taste and expiry date of the product as well. Most countries, especially Russia only demand the oval type. That’s why most farmers prefer to farm the oval seeds.


If you are planning on buying Melons, please contact our professional helpline. This fruit has a lot of different species in Iran and most of them are exported to specific countries.
For example, Juana Melon that can be seen in the picture below, is usually shipped to the countries surrounding the Persian Gulf, and due to its high price, has a low demand in Russia.


Bell Peppers:

Colored bell pepper which come in red, orange and yellow, are mostly farmed in greenhouses of Isfahan, Kerman, Markazi, Alborz, and East Azerbaijan provinces.
Isfahan has the highest production and export rate. Also the quality of the peppers are higher here.
You dear costumers and exporters must check for the highest quality before making a purchase. Some products tend to lose their quality in the shipping process and have a low expiry dates. Try to use professionals in your purchases.


Salad Lettuce:

Salad lettuce or Romaine Lettuce is mostly farmed in Dezful and Karaj and is in high demand for export.
The biggest problem in the way is that most sellers or farmers neglect the export and packaging standards or don’t know about them at all. This caused other exporting countries to surpass Iran.
The more we invest on Increasing our packaging and quality, the more we can export in the future.



Broccolis are really sensitive in the shipping process. This exporting product had the most harvest in Karaj and Dezful. If the packaging standards before shipping this product aren’t done in the right way, all of it will turn yellow and go to waste.
So you must use EPS packages and industrial ice, in order to be able to deliver the product fresh.
The amazing nutritional values of broccoli, interests a lot of costumers from Russia and countries surrounding the Persian Gulf.


Savoy Cabbage and Iceberg Lettuce:

Savoy Cabbage and Iceberg Lettuce are really popular and nutrient like broccolis. The harvested amount of these products are high and a lot of areas are farming them.
The companies working in Arabian markets, usually export a mixture of Savoy Cabbage, Romaine lettuce, Iceberg lettuce, Broccoli and Cauliflower.
It is also necessary to mention the importance of the packaging in these products. We suggest that you contact our professional helpline, before making a purchase.