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Purchase price of grapes from Iran

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Grapes trade in Middle Eastern countriesProduction of varieties of grapes in IranIranian grapes export to neighboring countriesPurchase price of grapesPersian Grape Prices in the Middle East
Purchase price of grapes

Many different types of grapes harvested and packaged for exports in the Iranian vineyards all over the country, as Iran is the 8th largest producer of these fruits in the world. The purchase price of grapes from Iran are different based on many factors like their cultivars, harvesting time, and size.

Iranian grapes are among the best and most nutritious Iranian products which enjoyed both within the country and abroad. The purchase price of grapes for these products are really good and ranks them among the most profitable products of the country. They are rich in vitamin C, and many other anti-oxidants that can help the body in different ways.

Purchase price of grapes

Grapes trade in Middle Eastern countries

Middle Eastern markets are always keen on importing and trading high quality grapes, and Iran is the largest suppliers of many countries in these regions. Grapes require cool and dry climates in order to grow, and many regions in central and western Iran have the perfect climate for grape production.

Iran also produces table grapes on commercial scales and focuses on exporting them. Iranian grapes are extremely high quality and full of different nutrients and vitamins. That’s why they are so popular on the Middle Eastern markets and the purchase price of grapes is high. These grapes have importance economic value to the Iranian agriculture industry.

Purchase price of grapes

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Production of varieties of grapes in Iran

There many different cultivars of Iranian grapes produced in different cities with various climates. There are seedless and seeded grapes, which come in various colors and could be sour or sweet. Some of the most common Iranian grape cultivars include Asgari, Pikami, and Rish Baba grapes.

Most of them are seedless and are bred for fresh consumption and target the international markets. The grapes chosen for this purpose are all in perfect shape, seedless, and sweet. The purchase price of grapes of these kinds are also much higher than other seeded or sour and small grapes.

Purchase price of grapes

Iranian grapes export to neighboring countries

Many countries in the Middle East and West Asia supply their grape markets with Iranian products. The purchase price of grapes are perfect and they have the best available quality. Also as a result of the short distance between the countries, the grapes will arrive their destinations as fresh and fast as possible.

The short distance will also reduce the transportation costs and makes the process more profitable. Largest Middle Eastern customers of Iranian grapes are the United Arab Emirates and Iraq. There are also some grape exports to Russia in the north and some other European countries.

Purchase price of grapes

Purchase price of grapes

Iranian grapes enjoyed both within the country and on the international markets all over the world. Their high quality, organic nature, vitamins, and taste have made them popular everywhere. They are very valuable and the purchase price of grapes set very good.

Most Iranian fruit companies offer grapes among their most popular and best selling products. They exported to more than 20 countries every year, and enjoyed by people on many different markets. They are full of vitamin C, and many anti-oxidants, and have benefits for blood pressure regulation and heart.

Purchase price of grapes

Persian Grape Prices in the Middle East

The purchase price of grapes for the Iranian products could change based on many different factors. The most important is the grapes’ variety, as there are many different cultivars with different characteristics. The amount of annual production will also affect the international grape prices. The higher the production volume, the lower the wholesale prices expected to be.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the Iranian grapes on the international markets is their organic nature. Iranian vineyards mostly run on traditional methods and do not use any harmful chemical pesticides or preservatives. This benefit, will also increase their value on the international markets and make their sale easier.