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Rate of import banana to Iran

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Banana buyers in IranBanana-producing countries in the worldExport banana from IndiaImport banana to IranPrices of imported bananas in Iran
Import banana to Iran

Bananas heavily promoted all around the world, and currently the most popular fruits produced in the world with the annual production of more than 150 million tons. Bananas are also one of the most popular snacks in Iran and the rate of Import banana to Iran is around 700000 tons.

Many of the local and international fruit companies of the world Import banana to Iran every year. Even though Iran produces around 120000 tons of bananas every year, the imports are constantly increasing steadily and slowly. Banana imports are a big part of the activity of many different companies that are active in Iran or international foreign markets.

Import banana to Iran

Banana buyers in Iran

Iran is one of the biggest banana markets in the world with the potential of more than 700000 tons of bananas in the world. Bananas among the main fruits consumed in Iran, and even though they are not local, they are a big part of the Iranian lifestyle. This big market will definitely attract a lot of companies and all of them want to Import banana to Iran.
Most of the bananas of this huge market supplied from the big producer companies in Asia. Iranian bananas supplied by both the local and the foreign companies of the world. Also the Iranian bananas come from many different countries from both Asia and south American countries.

Import banana to Iran

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Banana-producing countries in the world

Trading bananas is one of the biggest international fruit businesses that is worth tens of billions of dollars. Bananas produced in 135 countries, and rank among the world’s most valuable agricultural commodities. There 150 million tons of bananas produced in the world annually, and 15% of those traded internationally.
Iran for example is one of the biggest targets in the industry and many companies Import banana to Iran. Bananas produced in most of the tropical countries. They are one of the most profitable types of farming in the tropical countries, hence their popularity.

Import banana to Iran

Export banana from India

India is the biggest producer of bananas in the world and accounts for around 29.1 million tons of the total bananas in the world. Even though India produces more than 25% of the world bananas, they don’t have that much exports. This is because of the popularity of bananas and the high population of India.
Nevertheless, there hundreds of thousands of tons of Indian bananas exported every year. Iran is one of its favorite destinations in Asia and many Indian companies Import banana to Iran. There are also a lot of exports from India to many European countries, but most of them go to Middle East.

Import banana to Iran

Import banana to Iran

Banana imports to Iran is a multi-million-dollar industry that is constantly expanding. Mani Iranian and international foreign companies Import banana to Iran on very large scales. Most of the Iranian bananas supplied from Asian countries. The biggest Asian banana exporters to Iran are India, Pakistan, Thailand, and Philippines.
This high amounts of imports from Asia is because of the high quality of these products and also the short distance and the ease of transportation and low prices. There are some banana imports from South American countries like Ecuador every year as well.

Import banana to Iran

Prices of imported bananas in Iran

Different countries import many different types of bananas to Iran every year, with very different prices. Different cultivars of bananas have different qualities and obviously different prices. One of the most popular banana cultivars in the world is the Cavendish. This banana cultivar accounts for more than 50% of the total bananas produced in the world.
Also, most of the bananas purchased by Iran are also of this cultivar. The producing country is also important in setting the price of the bananas. This is because of the fact that a large part of the fruit’s price is the transportation and distribution costs. So the closer the countries, the lower the prices will be When Companies Import banana to Iran.