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Sweet grapes in Iraq markets

Iran is famous all over the world for producing high quality sweet grapes which are perfect for fresh consumption. Iraq is also one of the largest importers of these amazing fruits and you can always find Iranian sweet grapes in Iraq markets. They are among the most popular and high demanding products there.

Popularity of grapes in the world

Grapes come from the berry family and among the oldest fruits cultivated by humans with a history that dates back thousands of years to every corner of the globe. They enjoyed in fresh and dried forms-which called raisins- and you can even find them as a popular flavor in every supermarket of the world.

Many different countries produce them under different conditions, and in the Middle East, Iran is the largest and the most reliable producer and supplier of them. Iranian grapes are enjoyed in many different markets. Many Iraqi people enjoy fresh and amazing Iranian sweet grapes in Iraq markets.

Their popularity in these markets also on the rise and the industry assured to have a bright future.

Popularity of grapes in the world

Iranian sweet grape export

As one of the largest producers of sweet and sour grapes in the world, Iran is also plays a big role in supplying Middle Eastern and international fruit markets every harvesting season. Iraq is one of the largest customers of these amazing products and imports thousands of tons of sweet grapes every year. Unlike many other fruit, grapes are fragile in nature and as a result have a shorter shelf life.

This fact makes international transportation of grapes much more difficult and expensive. However, Iran and Iraq are neighbors and have long land borders between them which can help this problem by reducing the transportation time and the subsequent costs. There also wouldn’t be a need to use chemical preservatives.

As a result, there are tons of fresh high quality Iranian sweet grapes in Iraq markets every September.

Iranian sweet grape export

Different types of grapes in Iran

There more than 8000 different cultivars of grapes being produced in different regions of the world for different purposes. Iran is a very vast country with lots of different climates and soil qualities and as a result. Able to produce different local and international grape cultivars with the highest quality and the best taste. Most of the Iranian grapes are among the seedless and sweet cultivars and therefore are very popular for fresh consumption.

There are also demands for Iranian grapes for making high quality raisins and other side products such as grape juices and extracts in various local and foreign factories. Iranian grapes enjoyed every summer and autumn in local and international markets.

Iranian sweet grapes in Iraq markets and other regions of the world are a proof to their extraordinary quality.

Different types of grapes in Iran

Sweet grapes and their nutrients

There are many different types of grapes with many different vitamins and nutrients. Which makes them an ideal snack for people from all ages. Grapes, especially the red cultivars are rich full of anti-oxidants. These nutrients are perfect for regulating the blood pressure. And can prevent serious heart diseases such as strokes and attacks. Anti-oxidants in the grapes can also help protect the body’s cells to prepare against and prevent different types of cancer. They have also been shown to be very healthy for people with diabetes, whom not usually allowed to enjoy sweet fruits.

Other nutrients found in grapes include vitamin K, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C. Higher intakes of potassium and lowering sodium content can help. The body in many different ways, such as lowering the harmful cholesterol in the blood. Grapes can also help to increase the blood flow to the brain and therefore result in a much faster response time. Overall, grapes are truly magnificent fruits and shouldn’t missed by anyone.

Iran is among the largest suppliers in the region, and every year there are many tons of Iranian sweet grapes in Iraq markets and other parts of the world.
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