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Where to buy yellow kiwi

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A suitable fruit for weight lossDifference between yellow and green kiwiWhich countries produce kiwi fruit?Kiwi exporting countriesWhere to buy yellow kiwiBuy kiwi fruit online
Where to buy yellow kiwi

While thinking of kiwis, we all have the long-standing, well-known classic green color in our minds, but these days, we can see its yellow cousin available in the markets too. Yellow kiwis are more of a new species of kiwis that have been around for 15 years, yet there are places where to buy yellow kiwi.
There is a whole long story behind green kiwi fruits. They were cultivated for the first time in New Delhi under the state program in the 1990s. To a lesser-footed kiwi of a green type with a sweeter and more flavoring taste. Kiwi growers worked hard to learn to grow this new type and by the beginning of the 21st century, they began exporting it.

Where to buy yellow kiwi

A suitable fruit for weight loss

Kiwis are considered among the fruits. That can help you burn fat and lose weight because of their high levels of fiber. The black seed of kiwis are an excellent source of insoluble fiber that can help your digestive system. The green flesh also contains lots of soluble fiber that can help you feel full for longer periods of time.
Kiwi is also loaded with vitamin C and contains natural enzymes that the body need to digest protein properly.
Golden or yellow kiwi fruits also share these benefits, but they are a little smaller in size. There are a lot of stores where to buy yellow kiwis from and they are the best snacks for a healthy diet.

Where to buy yellow kiwi

Difference between yellow and green kiwi

If you compare the yellow and green kiwis together, you will immediately see that there are significant differences on the outer appearance of each. Golden kiwis are smaller and look more like a sphere than an oval. The color of the flesh is also different where instead of the typical vibrant green, you’ll see a golden yellow.
The rest of the fruit looks the same and they both have the black seeds within them. But yellow kiwis have a far sweeter taste than the green type.

Where to buy yellow kiwi

Which countries produce kiwi fruit?

Kiwi fruit is native to northern China. There are more than 4.5 million tons of kiwis being produced worldwide every year. China is the top kiwi producer of the world with 2.4 million tons of products annually. According to statics presented by FAO, countries like Italy, New Zealand and Chile are also among the top kiwi producing countries of the world after China. Iran is also the 4th biggest producer of the fruit with around 300000 tons of kiwis every year.

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Kiwi exporting countries

There are more than 15 countries farming and exporting kiwis worldwide. New Zealand is for the long time the world’s largest kiwi exporter. Whose share is 44% of the international market. Other big kiwi producing countries are Italy, Belgium, Chile, and Greece with 19.5, 12.2, 6.9, and 4.8% of the international market, respectively. Iran is also the 6th biggest producer of kiwis with 2.4% of the market with millions of dollars in value.

Where to buy yellow kiwi

Where to buy yellow kiwi

These types of kiwis are usually ready to eat when you buy them, and they also get sweeter as they get softer. They can also be sold unripe; in that case you can let them ripen at room temperature. A ripe kiwi should give to slight finger pressure like a peach. Once they are ripe, you can keep them fresh in the refrigerator for two weeks. Even though they are a new cultivar of kiwis. There are a lot of places and websites where to buy yellow kiwis from.

Where to buy yellow kiwi

Buy kiwi fruit online

Most of the world’s golden kiwi fruit is produced and sold in New Zealand. They also export and sell this product online and ship all over the world.
Golden kiwi fruits marketed in the world decreased from 2010 to 2013. It’s because of a PSA bacteria that hit the farms of New Zealand during that time.
During the years that followed, it grew and slowly rebuilt the international market to its former country. There are many companies and the kiwi cola store is yellow or golden. Demand for them is constantly increasing.