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Wholesale cucumber prices of Iran

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High quality cucumber production in IranCucumber production in greenhousesBuy cucumber from the farmIranian Cucumber SalesWholesale cucumber prices
Wholesale cucumber prices

Cucumbers have been cultivated and farmed on commercial scales for a long time in many different countries of the world. Iran is also one of the biggest producers and exporters of this vegetable and the wholesale cucumber prices of Iran are set every year by the country, and based on many factors.

Cucumbers are used everywhere in the world, and they are among the most known and popular vegetables worldwide. They are also extremely healthy, and besides being very low in calories, are a great source of water and can help hydrate the body and the skin. They shipped to every corner of the world every year with different wholesale cucumber prices.

Wholesale cucumber prices

High quality cucumber production in Iran

Iran is one of the largest producers and distributes of cucumbers both in the Middle East and the World. Cucumbers produced in different states of the country in both greenhouses and open farms. The greenhouse method is more popular in the southern and central states of Iran, because it uses less water and has a higher production rate.

Persian cucumbers are known worldwide for their amazing taste and extraordinary quality which makes them ideal for fresh consumption and other uses. Iranian cucumbers exported to many different countries every year. The wholesale cucumber prices are also different according to each destination.

Wholesale cucumber prices

Cucumber production in greenhouses

Cucumbers are among the products that can grown in both greenhouses and open farms. The greenhouse method is usually more popular in areas with less water sources. This method uses much less water and has the minimum amount of water waste.

The production rate in this method is also much higher. Because it much easier to control the soil nutrients in a closed environment. It is also much easier to protect the crops from pests and other problems that are hard to control in open farms. The wholesale cucumber prices of the greenhouse products are also different from the others.

Wholesale cucumber prices

Buy cucumber from the farm

Many of the farms from all over the world try to sell their fresh products to customers themselves. There are also a lot of local markets where farmers can sell their product directly to people. A lot of people are a fan of this method because they get the freshest cucumbers and can see the sources.

Big companies also collect the cucumbers from many different local farms and store them. The wholesale cucumber prices of fresh farm products are usually lower and their biggest customers are big fruit companies. These collected cucumbers both distributed to local markets or are packaged for exports.

Wholesale cucumber prices

Iranian Cucumber Sales

Iran, as one of the largest cucumber producers of the world, holds a big share of the international trade markets. Iranian cucumbers also exported to more than 20 countries every year. Most of these cucumbers exported to Middle Eastern and Neighboring countries.

The biggest importers of these Iranian vegetables are countries like Russia, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates. The wholesale cucumber prices are also different for each of these countries because of the different shipping costs. Iranian cucumbers are very popular in foreign markets and are always in high demands.

Wholesale cucumber prices

Wholesale cucumber prices

A lot of different factors are in play, for setting the wholesale cucumber prices for international trades. The most important indicating factor in this matter is the transportation costs. There have been a lot of advancements in technology, which have made the shipping processes much cheaper, easier, and faster. But even though, the further the importing country is, the higher the transportation costs will be.

Also the variety of the cucumbers are also important, as there are some more popular cultivars with higher qualities. Also organic cucumbers are always more popular and more expensive. There also a lot of cucumbers imported for making side products which all have different prices.