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Wholesale Iranian Hayward green kiwifruit

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Iranian Hayward green kiwi qualityKiwi production in different cities of IranPrice per ton of kiwiWholesale Hayward green kiwifruitBuy kiwi from Iran
Hayward green kiwifruit

Hayward kiwis the most popular kiwi cultivars in the world and account for more than half of the kiwis produced all over the world. Iran is also no exception and wholesale Iranian Hayward green kiwifruit account for most of the Iranian exports which will reach many different countries in the world.

Kiwis are one of the healthiest fruits on the planet which are surprisingly rich in both vitamins C, and D. They come in a wide variety of shapes, and two colors of green and yellow, but the Hayward green kiwifruit is the most popular and common in the world. Iran is also a large producer of this fruit and exports it every year to different destinations.

Hayward green kiwifruit

Iranian Hayward green kiwi quality

The Hayward green kiwifruit produced in Iran are of the highest quality and they owe it all to the perfect climate of the producing regions. All of the Iranian kiwis produced in the northern states of Gilan, Mazandaran, and Golestan, under the Caspian Sea.

These regions located between a sea and some mountains, which gives them their perfect humid climates. Kiwis require humid and cool climates without frosts, and these regions are perfect for these fruits. Iran is actually the 4th biggest producer of kiwis in the world. Every year, tons of Iranian kiwis exported to many different countries in the Middle east and the world.

Hayward green kiwifruit

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Kiwi production in different cities of Iran

As said before, All of the Iranian kiwis produced in the northern states of Iran. Mazandaran is the biggest producer of kiwis in Iran with more than 150000 tons annually. There are more than 6500 hectares of kiwi farms in this states producing different types of kiwis.

Even though, most of the kiwis produced in this state are from the Hayward green kiwifruit cultivar. Gilan and Golestan follow this state in the production in the next places with around 110000 and 80000 tons of production respectively. Iran is the biggest producer of these fruits in the Middle East and West Asia.

Hayward green kiwifruit

Price per ton of kiwi

Kiwis considered exotic fruit and are a profitable product of the Iranian farms. Hayward green kiwifruit the most common kiwis in the world and usually have a set reference price. However, the wholesale price of the Iranian kiwis could different based on many conditions.
First of all, Iran is the biggest producer in the region and dominates Middle Eastern markets. Also the transportation costs will be lower here, and that will make the exports more profitable for both parties. The amount of the annual production could also affect the wholesale and final retail prices of the kiwis.

Hayward green kiwifruit

Wholesale Hayward green kiwifruit

The Hayward green kiwifruit are the most common and popular kiwis in the world. As a result, they always traded on very large scales over on the international fruit markets of the world. China, Italy, New Zealand, and Iran are the biggest producers of this fruit in the world. They also dominate the fruit’s global market and trade Hayward kiwis on very large scales.
They traded on the international markets all year long and can be found in most countries of the world. When ripe, they are sweet and full of different nutrients, like vitamin C that is a great boost for the immune system.

Hayward green kiwifruit

Buy kiwi from Iran

Iran is one of the biggest suppliers of Hayward green kiwifruit in the world. China is the biggest producer of the fruit, but is also the largest consumer as well, and doesn’t have lots of exports. Italy stands in the second place and mostly exports kiwis to other European countries. New Zealand on the other hand is the largest exporter of kiwis in the world.
But luckily for Iran, the kiwis in the southern hemisphere harvested in a different season than the Iranian kiwis. So Iranian kiwis are without any serious competition in the Middle East and West Asian regions and can exported to all the region’s countries. They are very popular among these countries, and can be found and bought in most of their markets.